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This is a test of the early warning system -

whoops.  Actually, this is a test of the "Date out of Order" function.  I want to create a "bibliography" - a list of all my fics that I've posted so far, and I would like the post to stay on top.  So, here we go.  :)  (I'm currently just listing the titles; I'll put links in at some point.)  Listed in order of posting:
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Getting Their Act Together

Ache - 1/1 - Broadchurch Fic

Title: Ache
Fandom: Broadchurch
Relationship(s)/Characters: Gen, Alec Hardy
Word Count: 818
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for season 1 and 2.  Angst.  Ambiguous character fate.
Disclaimers: In case you're wondering:  I don't own Broadchurch, although I'm rather desperately jonesing for an Alec Hardy of my very own (grumpy bastard that he is).  The show belongs to ITV and Alec Hardy belongs to David Tennant, although I'm willing to work out a timeshare arrangement.

A/N1:  I binge-watched Broadchurch on January 3rd, and have been obsessively searching for fic ever since.  Alec Hardy has hit all my character kinks, and it feels so good.  :)  I may have to venture onto Tumblr because it's the only place where I've found the Broadchurch fandom.  Tumblr scares me, though...

A/N2:  How, by all that's holy, have I managed to avoid being exposed to the adorkableness that's David Tennant until now?!  *cries*

Unbeta'd, all mistakes are my own.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Castle/Haven - Master Post

Title: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Author(s): shirleyann66
Artist(s): danceswithgary and sexycazzy
Fandom(s): Castle/Haven
Type: (Gen, Het, Femmeslash or Slash)  Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 11,332
Characters/Pairings: Rick Castle, Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos, Duke Crocker; background Castle/Beckett; Audrey/Nathan UST
Warnings/Spoilers: Seasons 1-6 of Castle; Seasons 1-2 of Haven
Summary: Castle's at loose ends while Kate is in Washington being trained for her new job with the Feds, Alexis is in Costa Rica and his mother is doing dinner theatre in the Mid-west.  His road trip to Canada is interrupted when he's passing through a charming little town called Haven, and strange things start to happen...
Author's Notes: This little story has been begging to be written for a while now; I'm glad it's finally been given form!  This is set at the end of Season 5 of Castle (although I've cheated a bit, and we already know Beckett's accepted Castle's proposal), and in the middle of Season 2 of Haven (sometime after Audrey Parker's Day Off and before Who, What, When, Where, Wendigo, because IMO that's the last point before shit started to get real.  :) ).

ETA:  I obviously haven't posted fanfic for a while because I forgot:

DISCLAIMER: I don't Castle, Haven, or any of the characters therein.  I'm just taking them for a ride, and I promise to get them home before midnight.  :)

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