shirleyann66 (shirleyann66) wrote,

Yes, Virginia, I have Internet AND Cable!!

Okay, I got them on Friday, but I've been enjoying having my own stuff again - LOL. Not that I was away from everything that long, but with all the glitches with this move, I was beginning to think I'd never get it finished. :D

BUT, basically, DONE. Moved, and getting settled. Still have about half my stuff to unpack, but I don't have to push it as hard anymore now the cable guy has been and gone. Which my body appreciates - especially my back, which I wrenched the day before the movers (finally) delivered my stuff. It's much better now, just an occasional twinge, but the first few days...UGH!!!!

Anyway, had my first blood sacrifice here, too: the dryer bit me last night and took a small chunk of skin from the base of my thumb nail (the cuticle). Hurt. Like. HELL. Anybody who expects me to withstand torture for them is going to be SOL, because I'm gonna sing like a canary when they threaten the fingers!! Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW!!!

Other than that...just getting geared up for NaNo; thinking about organizing several more book review tours for A Life Less Ordinary; I've been horribly negligent with working on my latest book, so I have to focus on that again...what else??? Oh yeah - I have to look for work, too. ;D

Bottom line: glad to be moved, and looking forward to getting back into a routine!
Tags: random update
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