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Haven's Back (and there's gonna be some Troubles)

ooooh-ooooh-waaahhh, Haven's back!!  \o/  We finally got the new season starting here in Canada, and just watched ep. 401 (thanks Showcase). I'm spoiled all over the place because I have no self control, so I'll try to keep my thoughts short and sweet (and completely focused on this ep), although in no particular order:
[Ep 401 Fallout]
-- Oh, Nathan. *huggles*

-- On the other hand, really glad he shaved; really didn't like him with a beard. And he sorta shaved. I'm not married, and my brothers do not grow facial hair well, you really only shave down to a stubble after a full beard?? I mean, I love scruff, but I just figured you'd shave all of that off when you're getting rid of a beard. IDK.

-- Oh, Duke. You're priceless!! "First, I need a paper clip. Second...I need my pants." Ah-hahahaha!!

-- Can Nathan/Duke be any more precious?? The looks on their faces - the loooookkkkssss!!! I'm not much for slash or OT3, but this show - damn this show!! :D

-- And how different were the two hugs for Duke? The one with Nathan vs the one with Wade. Okay, yeah, there's a lot of weird recent history with Nathan, but even with the Troubles, and Haven, and all that means, you'd think he'd look a little more happy to see Wade - and also a little less awkward when greeting each other. (Or not. Families are complicated.)

-- Lexie. Er, Audrey. Hmmmm...I'm not going to say much of anything, because I'm spoiled, points would be based on what I know is coming - LOL.

-- Jordan. I didn't like Jordan last season, and I really don't like her now. Seriously, I just want to put on a glove and smack her, and tell her to grow the fuck UP. Either that, or I need to rewatch season 3 to find out if there was more backstory about her. I mean, I'm sorry, but there's gotta be something seriously wrong with her self-esteem for her Trouble to be such a mindfuck for her, because as Nathan said back in season 2: touch isn't everything. And the other Troubled person killed people with his sweat! That said, I do enjoy the actress' performance - I just have no sympathy/empathy for the character. :(

-- The magnificent bastards! Glad to see you back, even if your cuddly facade is being stripped away. AND THEY KILLED THE VAN!!! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

-- I like the revisiting of an old Trouble. I hope they do more of that. :)

-- Jennifer. As opposed to Jordan, I adore Jennifer. Maybe because she's such a youngster, and quirky and - you know - cute as a button. I like her chemistry with Duke, and I really liked how Duke protected her during the standoff with the Guard, and I really liked how he protected her during the almost-tornado. The hand around the head, and the fireman carry to safety - LOL - oh, Duke, how you've changed!!! Or rather, how you've finally stopped hiding your soft heart, you moron. :D

-- Sasquatch. Heee!! Glad to see the continuity there. :D Dwight: still firmly on Nathan's side...

Okay. I think that's probably (more) than enough! LOL Any other Canadians see the show tonight??
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