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ooooh-ooooh-waaahhh, Haven's back!!  \o/  We finally got the new season starting here in Canada, and just watched ep. 401 (thanks Showcase). I'm spoiled all over the place because I have no self control, so I'll try to keep my thoughts short and sweet (and completely focused on this ep), although in no particular order:
[Ep 401 Fallout]
-- Oh, Nathan. *huggles*

-- On the other hand, really glad he shaved; really didn't like him with a beard. And he sorta shaved. I'm not married, and my brothers do not grow facial hair well, so...do you really only shave down to a stubble after a full beard?? I mean, I love scruff, but I just figured you'd shave all of that off when you're getting rid of a beard. IDK.

-- Oh, Duke. You're priceless!! "First, I need a paper clip. Second...I need my pants." Ah-hahahaha!!

-- Can Nathan/Duke be any more precious?? The looks on their faces - the loooookkkkssss!!! I'm not much for slash or OT3, but this show - damn this show!! :D

-- And how different were the two hugs for Duke? The one with Nathan vs the one with Wade. Okay, yeah, there's a lot of weird recent history with Nathan, but even with the Troubles, and Haven, and all that means, you'd think he'd look a little more happy to see Wade - and also a little less awkward when greeting each other. (Or not. Families are complicated.)

-- Lexie. Er, Audrey. Hmmmm...I'm not going to say much of anything, because I'm spoiled, so....my points would be based on what I know is coming - LOL.

-- Jordan. I didn't like Jordan last season, and I really don't like her now. Seriously, I just want to put on a glove and smack her, and tell her to grow the fuck UP. Either that, or I need to rewatch season 3 to find out if there was more backstory about her. I mean, I'm sorry, but there's gotta be something seriously wrong with her self-esteem for her Trouble to be such a mindfuck for her, because as Nathan said back in season 2: touch isn't everything. And the other Troubled person killed people with his sweat! That said, I do enjoy the actress' performance - I just have no sympathy/empathy for the character. :(

-- The Teagues...you magnificent bastards! Glad to see you back, even if your cuddly facade is being stripped away. AND THEY KILLED THE VAN!!! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

-- I like the revisiting of an old Trouble. I hope they do more of that. :)

-- Jennifer. As opposed to Jordan, I adore Jennifer. Maybe because she's such a youngster, and quirky and - you know - cute as a button. I like her chemistry with Duke, and I really liked how Duke protected her during the standoff with the Guard, and I really liked how he protected her during the almost-tornado. The hand around the head, and the fireman carry to safety - LOL - oh, Duke, how you've changed!!! Or rather, how you've finally stopped hiding your soft heart, you moron. :D

-- Sasquatch. Heee!! Glad to see the continuity there. :D Dwight: still firmly on Nathan's side...

Okay. I think that's probably (more) than enough! LOL Any other Canadians see the show tonight??


Nov. 9th, 2013 07:09 pm (UTC)
Aaah! That must have been in one of the eps I missed. I do (finally) have Season 3 on DVD, so I'll be watching for that information now.

While my jury is out at the moment with this new info (and until I actually do see every episode), I suspect we'll have to 'agree to disagree' in regards to Nathan/Jordan and whether her actions are justified. What this does show me, though, is that she has pretty deep psychological scars exacerbated by Nathan's actions (but not caused by him). Whether Nathan's actions justify her reactions (which I find extreme) is where I think we'll continue to differ. :D If my memory is correct, they started off using each other, so I'm not sure how one betrayal is worse than the other (but again, I missed a couple of eps, so my opinion may change once I've seen all of them).

I do find this information fascinating, though, (and thank you for telling me! :D ) since Jordan seemed so repulsed by her ability to cause pain when we first met her; the fact she tortured her abuser for three days definitely shows the cracks in her psyche. (Full disclaimer: and my own. I would have done the exact same thing - and probably for longer. *cough* )

(hmmmm...I wonder where those DVDs are?? I'll be glad when I finally get everything unpacked... ;D )



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