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Yes, I'm still around, although I haven't been on LJ for a while.  I need to change that...

I'm going to start with a funny story about my birthday.

My brother was still in the hospital so I went to his place to pick up his mail.  I walk in, and it's ice cold:  the furnace was out.  So, I call a repair guy, make arrangements for him to show up when he can, and head off to the hospital to see my brother.  I tell him about it, then head back to his place.

While I'm waiting for the repair guy, I decide to put the stove and burners on so I have someplace warm to huddle at.  To make a long story short:  I put on the wrong burner; melted a plastic lid; smoke detector (which is monitored by a security company) went off; my brother couldn't remember the code; the firemen showed up...


They were very understanding, and my brother did finally remember the code - but talk about MORTIFYING.  I felt so bad that the fire department was sent out for such a minor thing, and I can only hope nobody needed them more than I did that night.  UGH!!  Once the repair guy finally showed up, I went home and had a shot of tequila and went to bed.

On the other hand, I WAS surrounded by men in uniform for my birthday...  ;D

In other news:  my brother is out of the hospital (just got out on Friday - yaay!!!) after 2.5 months.  Superbugs are Supervillains.  Just so you know.  I'm also working again; just starting my third week tomorrow (today's a holiday here).  Back with the government, similar to what I was doing before, and a lot less money, but you know...I'm okay with all of that.  :D

Writing is going slowly, and I have no idea why. Along Came Jones:  I adore the characters, but for some reason, it's like wading through molasses in January.  I don't know what's blocking me, but I wish it would GO AWAY!!!!  *growls*

In fandom:  Haven - OMG!!  I've been dreaming about that show ever since the season finale.  I may have to write my own Season 5, which will be completely wrong, of course, but the feels, the feeeeellllssss!!!!  Almost Human - the more I see, the more I love it, and the more I'm shipping Kennex/Maldonado.  I know I'm supposed to be shipping Kennex/Stahl, but I just don't see it.  Sleepy Hollow - O.O - I need to get caught up on this season, but the season finale still blew me away!!

I hope things have been well for everyone!  Sorry for being MIA; I need to spend more time on here again.  :D
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