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Progress Report for Oasis

Well, I was so pleased with my progress this last week, I wanted to brag.  :D 

I shouldn't brag too much though - because this doesn't really mean "done" - it means I've written a paragraph or two or three for the prompts, and have tentatively placed them in the timeline. 

I'm trying to do this for all the prompts as quickly as possible because I want to be done by the time the comic starts coming out in October (6 issues?  I'm thinking one a month??), since the comic will give us more canon to play with.  I'm also planning on participating in Nanowrimo this year, and would like to have this monster done (or close to it) before November rolls around, so that I can do my best to win that thing.

Which is all a long way of saying:  I'm making wonderful progress - even if nothing is really set in stone yet!!  LOL

176 / 800 prompts. 22% done!

Tags: letter100, oasis, random update
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