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Sharp Dressed Man - Ch. 3/5

Title: Sharp Dressed Man - Ch. 3/5
Author: [info]shirleyann66
Fandom: Jericho
Characters: Heather, Beck
Pairing: Heather/Beck
Genre: Fluffy Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #03 : a flash of lightning @ [info]story_lottery
Summary: Just an ordinary day - or as ordinary as it ever gets in Jericho.
Spoilers: Nothing specific, but anything in both seasons is fair game.
Word Count: 1083
Disclaimer: Jericho and everything associated with it is owned by CBS and whoever else owns it - not me (sadly). I have no claims or affiliations with any of the powers that be for this universe. This is strictly for fun, not profit, and the characters shall be returned relatively safely and mostly unharmed.



In the end, after much debate punctuated with blatant sexual manipulations and a couple of hot makeout sessions, they compromised. Beck walked out with a pair of sweats, a pair of jeans, two t-shirts, a sweatshirt and a white button-down shirt. He was also the proud owner of a pair of sneakers. He managed to convince Heather to give up on the dressy outfits once he reminded her they lived in Jericho – jeans and a button-down shirt were dressy. That fact that he was nibbling on her ear as he was making his case may – or may not – have swayed her to his point of view. As they left the bomb shelter, they both agreed it was the most fun they'd ever had disagreeing with each other.

The night was unusually balmy for the time of year, and the moon was full and shining as they left the med-centre, weighted down by Beck's finds. With a rather shy sideways glance, Beck reached out and snagged Heather's hand. She started then gave him a sweet smile and tangled her fingers with his.

By the time they parted company at her house, they'd made arrangements for Beck to return in an hour hours and they'd go to Bailey's for their first official date.

When Beck arrived at Heather's house, it was fully dark, and the sky had clouded over, with lightning flickering on the horizon. He paused for a moment, suddenly feeling as nervous as a teenage boy. His heart was pounding and his palms were sweating, and he had to smile ruefully at himself. He hadn't dated anyone for a very long time, and he wasn't sure he remembered how to do it, and while their time in the bomb shelter already told him she was attracted to him, this first date was going to take their relationship to a totally different, completely public, level.

He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. The door opened almost immediately, and he thought she had probably been watching for him. The realization made him smile even as the sight of her caused him to catch his breath.

She was wearing a pretty summer dress that sweetly hugged her figure and ended just above her knees, the colour of which seemed to give her tanned face an extra glow. She had on a pair of heeled sandals which made her almost the same height as he was, and his first thought was that they'd be able to kiss for hours while she was wearing those without his neck or back getting sore. Her legs were long, slim and incredibly shapely, and with a shock of surprise, he realized this was the first time he'd ever seen her legs. He swallowed, tracing the graceful line of her legs and pretty feet in her delicate sandals, and he remembered that the thing he liked best about dresses was the ease of access they gave to what lay beneath.

With an effort, Beck tore his gaze from Heather's legs and met her eyes, to see her looking both nervous and amused.

“You look great,” he said, his voice husky.

“So do you,” she replied, and for a moment she hesitated. His dark, burning eyes made her knees go weak, and all she wanted to do was pull him inside the house and not let him see the light of day for about a week. Maybe two. The white dress shirt was a stark contrast to his black hair and brown skin, and the combination knocked her back for a moment. She realized she was happy to see him in civilian clothes, but what she really wanted to do was to see him out of them.

She was in a bit of a dilemma, though, While she wanted to imitate the Old Widow Hen in Bugs Bunny, and throw Beck into her house and lock the door, she was also...proud of him, and wanted to show him off. Like a bracelet or something, she thought giddily, and fought to keep from giggling. Man, she was nervous, which was odd, considering the fact that while they were kissing in the bomb shelter, she hadn't been nervous at all.

“Ready to go?” he finally asked, and she blinked back to reality.

As much as she wanted to take him to bed right now, she also wanted a little bit of courtship, a little bit of wooing, a little bit of, well, what would have happened Before. Back when things were normal and ordinary.

Besides, if the look in his eyes was any indication, she was going to get her wish sooner rather than later. She nodded her head, and stepped out to join him on the porch.

He held her hand again on the walk to Bailey's and she couldn't help grinning at him and blushing like a schoolgirl as they walked. They chatted about inconsequentials, like what they wanted to eat, and what they thought people's reactions would be to see Beck in something other than his Army uniform and what Heather thought it would take to get Jake into that bomb shelter to get his own change of clothes.

As they approached Bailey's, Heather could feel the electricity in the air, dancing across her bare shoulders, prickling on her skin. For a moment she couldn't tell if the feeling was caused by the man beside her, or by the lightning flashing through the air followed by the sound of distant thunder.

“There's a storm coming,” Beck noted thoughtfully glancing up at the sky. The full moon that had been in evidence just two hours before was hidden now.

Heather shook her head. “Hopefully it will pass Jericho by – well, not the rain, but any major winds or damages.”

Beck nodded, then reached out and held the door for Heather to precede him into the bar. They were immediately enveloped in heat and noise as they entered, and Beck good-naturedly took the teasing that came his way when people got a good look at him.

It was nothing, though, compared to the catcalls and wolf whistles when the crowd in Bailey's realized he and Heather were holding hands – and were obviously on a date. With a shared rueful look and a roll of the eyes, Beck and Heather cheerfully joined their circle of friends at the bar, and happily accepted the free drinks offered immediately by Stanley and Mimi in celebration.

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