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This is a test of the early warning system -

whoops.  Actually, this is a test of the "Date out of Order" function.  I want to create a "bibliography" - a list of all my fics that I've posted so far, and I would like the post to stay on top.  So, here we go.  :)  (I'm currently just listing the titles; I'll put links in at some point.)  Listed in order of posting:
  1. The Fortress
  2. Untitled Piece of Fluff
  3. For God and Country and Heather Lisinski (17 chapters)
  4. Misappropriated Mistletoe
  5. Misappropriating Mistletoe
  6. Lost Sheep (19 chapters so far)
  7. Normal (is what you get used to) or pattern of an (extra)ordinary life
  8. Cliches
  9. Oasis (141 chapters so far)
  10. Kissing
  11. Sharp Dressed Man (5 chapters)
  12. If You're Ever Gonna See a Rainbow (2 chapters)
  13. Harvest Time (4 chapters)

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