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Ramblin' Rockin' Rollin' Random Update

I am still here and still relatively sane although things have remained fairly stressful at work.  However, we did have some beautifully hot and sunny days in April and in May although it's currently raining and cool.  It is only the May long weekend, so the most anxious question everyone's asking right now is "Is it going to snow this weekend??"  LOL  Springtime in Alberta* - you gotta love it.  :D  As an example of the extremes, today we're at +7C; on May 18th, we were +31C.  Or, to translate to Fahrenheit, that's a range of 44.6F to 88F. 

As someone told me on the weekend "If summer falls on a Sunday this year, we'll go for a picnic."  :D 

In other news, I should be getting a new fence in about three weeks.  Got the quote/time estimate yesterday; now I just have to make sense of my scribbles and get everything delivered.  My handyman is going out of town on Monday and should be gone for two weeks, so that gives me some time to get everything together.  This weekend, I'm going to start to do battle with the weeds in my yard...which is basically my ENTIRE yard.  I've heard about using hot water to kill the weeds, so that's my experiment this weekend.  Hopefully I'll make some inroads into the mess that's there.  Grrrr....

As for the rest of the house, I'm spending the weekend cleaning/writing/weed killing...unless of course I sleep for two days...hopefully that won't happen!!

As for writing - I've been writing everyday but not making a whole lot of progress.  I'm hoping this weekend will help with all of that.  I know I haven't posted any new chapters for Oasis for far too long - so, again, I'm planning on posting about 5 or so chapters a day until the ones I have finished are all released.  I've been distracted by writing dialogue-only scenes that underpin some of the upcoming letters - and there's also stuff coming up that people aren't going to like... O.O  But...it's where the story demanded to go, soooooo...you gotta follow the muse, right??  :D  

As for my original stuff - my NaNo novel and my ScriptFrenzy script - well, they've both stalled a little, but that's mainly because I have sooo many "little" snippets on the go including my seven chapter story for story_lottery  which I'm still going to finish and post even though I've lost this particular round, as well as a full-fledged bodice-ripper-type romance novel AND the title and some random scenes for a sequel to my NaNo novel (which...wasn't my plan AT ALL with that one...).   Sooo, yeah.  There's a lot churning around in my head and I just need to get some focus, at least at night when I'm actually at my laptop and typing.  :D

Erm....anything else????  Well, I'm behind in commenting on stories (particularly nativefloridian's last...three (??) postings)  *looks very ashamed*.  I'm very, very glad it's a long weekend!!!   Not to mention getting caught up with my other LJ friends as well....

Hmmm...I think that's it.  Well, actually, it'll have to be.  I have to leave the house in half an hour and I haven't showered yet, or gotten dressed.  My co-workers would most likely appreciate I do both before I show up at the office.  :D

*Just like spring time in Alberta
Warm sunny days endless skies of blue
Then without a warning
Another winter storm comes raging through
And the mercury's fallin'
I'm left all alone
Just like spring time in Alberta
Chills me to the bone
 - Springtime in Alberta, Ian Tyson


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May. 21st, 2010 10:38 pm (UTC)
I like that poem. It's awesome.

And I feel you on the weather thing. Over the last month we've had some frost and some afternoon in the high 80's. Sunday its supposed to get up into the 90's and yet it'll get down to 40ish tonight.


I was also south when all the flooding hit the Nashville area . . . freaking camping. What a mess. We made it out of the park 30 minutes before the roads flooded behind us which would have trapped us in the middle of nowhere for an extra day and a half.

I haven't ever heard of the hot water thing for killing weeks so I'll be interested in hearing how it works out for you :)

I hope your writing goes well!
May. 25th, 2010 01:46 pm (UTC)
Hi! *waves*

Good to "see" you. :)

I like that poem. It's awesome.

Glad you like it - it's a country-western song, actually. I'd had it in my head for the last couple of weeks and finally tracked it down again when I was making that post. :D

It rained most of the weekend but I understand there was snow farther north. We at least missed that (as far as I know). Which meant that I couldn't test the hot water theory until yesterday; so far, no joy. I'll cut the lawn tonight and try again; maybe that will make the difference. If not...I guess it's back to vinegar.

Gah - I'm glad you're okay re the Nashville flooding. That looked...really, really ugly. In spite of my whining and moaning, I'm very glad I live where I live.

Sadly, the weekend went off the rails about mid-day on Saturday. Not because of anything major but because I started reading a book...and playing a new game...and then Monday we had a water main break so I had no water until about 4:00ish. So, my writing and other stuff didn't progress the way I'd planned...

Moral: Stop. Making. Plans. :D
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