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30-Day Meme - Day 4: Favourite Book

4.  Favourite Book

ACK x 1000!!!  Seriously - how on earth do you choose just one book as a favourite???  *sigh*

Okay, if I have to choose a favourite book of the moment, then it would be Thud! - Terry Pratchett (oh, Sam Vimes...) with Guards! Guards!  an incredibly close second (Oh, Sam Vimes x 2 - you started in the gutter (literally) and now look at you...I love you madly. Madly!)

Where was I??

Oh, yes.  

I love Thud! because I find the message to be incredibly complex and thought provoking. What happens when the hatred between species is so ancient that no one can really remember the truth of it anymore? And then one of the species finds “the truth”? In this case, the ancient hatred between the trolls and the dwarfs stems (in part) from the Battle of Koom Valley where the trolls ambushed the dwarfs – or the dwarfs ambushed the trolls...it depends on who's telling the story, really.  Then there's the Summoning Dark which is a bit...creepy to think about, actually. Then, of course, there's Sir Samuel Vimes. There aren't enough words to describe how madly I adore Sam Vimes. He's so flawed, so damaged in so many ways, and yet, at his core, he's idealistic (there is right and there is wrong) and just...a guy trying to do his best. He's both bigoted and a complete equalist (he hates pretty much everybody but being a copper transcends species; in fact, it even transcends whether you're living or the living dead). Vetinari seems to play Vimes like a two dollar fiddle but sometimes you wonder....

Erm.  Ahem.  *cough cough*

I seem to have digressed into why I love the character rather than why I love the book(s).  Sorry about that...

So, to sum up: My favourite Discworld character, Vimes, plays a central role. It's a complex, thought-provoking, well-crafted tale. It's Terry Pratchett. 'Nuff said.

Other favourites (in no particular order):

I also love Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! because it introduces us to the Night Watch (and Sam Vimes – have I mentioned how much I love Samuel Vimes? No? :D ). The book is just a wonderful romp. Vimes: broken and alcoholic and yet, and yet – still a good copper in spite of himself (and circumstances). Fred Colon: just trying to get by without getting too hurt or expending too much energy. Nobby Nobbs: who has to carry a paper signed by Vetinari that swears Nobby is human although even then people have doubts. Carrot Ironfoundersson: the young, idealistic, literal-minded six-foot-six dwarf. Thanks to him, everything changes. We-ell, him and the dragon, of course. And Lady Sybil. And the fact that, together, the Night Watch saves the world. “It's a million to one shot – but it just might work.” :D

The Stand – Stephen King - Because I love post-apocalyptic books. Because I love the world he builds in this novel. Because I love the characters (I had such a crush on Stu and Nick when I read this for the first time in grade 8). I also love the way he takes perfectly ordinary things and turns them surreal or ominous with only a word or two.

Sorcery and Cecelia – Patricia C. Wrede/Caroline Stevermer - A regency romance set in a world where magic works. Told in the form of letters (ulp! O.O ) that started as a game between the two authors, and it's utterly, utterly charming. The Mysterious Marquis is (surprise!) dark and mysterious; James is heroic and brooding; Kate is quirky and earnest and Cecelia is bright and resourceful. Although I've always wondered just what, exactly, Kate and Cecelia did with Squire Bryant's goat...

Good Omens – Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman - Dear God – I love this book. So. Much. It's about the Apocalypse. Yep, THAT one. It's about a demon and an angel. It's about the Antichrist and the Four Horsemen and the Them. It's about good and evil and the end of days. And it's about a hellhound named Dog...who's small, with a turned out ear - and is a little bit afraid of the cat down the street. I mean, how can you not love a book where the Antichrist gets...ummmm...misplaced...Oh, and did I mention the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter (a witch) which are actually not that nice (in the modern meaning of the word) but are always, always accurate and so specific as to be virtually useless? And did you know the world will end next Saturday? Right after tea... Sigh. I think it's time for my annual re-read of this book....

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (A Trilogy in Five Parts) – Douglas Adams - “Don't Panic” in nice friendly letters. The answer to life, the universe and everything. Earth: Mostly Harmless. Never travel without your towel. The secret to flying is learning how to miss the ground. Zaphod Beeblebrox. Ford Prefect. Arthur Dent. Marvin the Paranoid Android. “I wonder if it will be my friend...SPLAT!” Mice!! Fjords!!! The Restaurant at the End of the Universe!!!! Seriously - what's not to love??? Unfortunately, I lent my #1 nephew my omnibus copy of the books and it's disappeared. :( I really do need to replace them and read them again. Darn! The sacrifices I must make!!! :D

30-Day Meme:

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  2. Favourite Movie - July 10, 2010
  3. Favourite TV Program - July 11, 2010
  4. Favourite Book - July 12, 2010
  5. Favourite Quotes
  6. Whatever tickles your fancy.
  7. Photo that makes you happy.
  8. Photo that makes you angry/sad.
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  25. Your day in great detail
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  27. This month in great detail
  28. This year in great detail.
  29. Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days.
  30. Whatever tickles your fancy.



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-- Fox Mulder, The X-Files from the episode The Truth, pt. 2
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