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Monday, August 9th to Sunday, August 15th

Monday – Back at work after a week's holiday. Two (two!!) meetings scheduled already. At least the first one wasn't until 10:30 a.m. Met with my boss around 9:30; got a new assignment which was connected to an old assignment. It was a case of BOHICA* and I only have two weeks to git 'er done. Then, had my morning meeting which was a proposal evaluation meeting. That went until 12:00 – 12:30ish. Walked back to the office and ran into two former colleagues/friends I hadn't seen for awhile so chatted with them for a bit. Got to the office about 1:15; dropped off the laptop and all the proposals/evaluation information, went to get a sandwich, then tried to find out what the @#!$$@ my meeting at 2:00 was related to, especially since I was meeting with one of our Assistant Deputy Ministers** and really, if I was in trouble, I'd like to know about it before I walk into a meeting. Nope – just doing a project and needed my help to get the procurement completed.

Tuesday – finished catching up on the e-mail from my week's holiday. Don't remember much about this day, except...it was very, very busy. Not sure what the heck I accomplished, though....I do think I went to the casino on this day; walked out about $140 richer than when I walked in (yay! Wish that would happen more often!).

Wednesday – Another evaluation meeting at 9:00 a.m. Got back to the office around noon-ish. Wrote the project invitation that was a result of my Monday afternoon meeting. Got that out to the reviewers by 5:09. Then I took a cab home because my #3 brother and his wife were coming into town and meeting me at my place around 6:00ish. They got there about 6:15-6:30; we headed over to his step-daughter's place and we all went out to Tony Roma's for supper. Got home about 9:00ish – would have gone to her place with them but someone would have had to drive me home later. They left on Thursday to get back to Saskatchewan.

Thursday – Not sure what I did on Thursday. Went to the casino again after work; walked out poorer than when I walked in but got several hours of mindless entertainment out of it.

Friday – is described “in great detail” here. :D

Saturday – Talked to my #2 sister – she called me even though it was her birthday and I was going to call her. #3 sister has finally chosen the dates we're going to Vegas to celebrate her 50th birthday (whoohoo!). I have to do some juggling (I'm scheduled for a course that week but I'm going to see if I can switch dates) and then I need to find a cheap flight down to meet them. Anyway, it was the Vegas trip that #2 sister wanted to talk about. Played games all day. Briefly considered doing dishes and clothes but ignored the urge until it went away.

Sunday – Chatted on Facebook with #3 sister; confirmed my intention of going to Vegas with them; confirmed what day they're going to arrive (although I don't have times yet) so I can look for flights that coordinate with theirs (i.e., get there at the same time or shortly afterwards). Otherwise, just hanging out. Doing dishes and considering doing laundry so I have clothes to wear to work tomorrow. I also still have to update my resume and draft up a “personal leadership statement” because my boss wants me to take this 18 month Leadership 101 course and I promised him I'd submit my application on Monday. Fighting the urge to take a nap this afternoon – because my “naps” are literally like cat naps: they last all day...and I really do have to get some laundry done. :D

Oh, and I did write every day.

And there's my exciting week in amazing technicolour. The excitement! The highs! The lows! I know, I know, this madcap lifestyle is tough to keep up, but somebody's got to do it! LOL


* BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again, a term we sometimes use to refer to those requests/assignments that Never. Seem. To. End.

** Our department's hierarchy and my place in it: Minister (elected official) ---->  Deputy Minister ----> Assistant Deputy Minister -----> Director -----> Me.

30-Day Meme:
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  30. Whatever tickles your fancy.


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Aug. 18th, 2010 01:34 am (UTC)
Sounds like a busy week!
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