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Once again, I've been procrastinating on this one. So far 2010 has been the Year of Very Bad Things (actually, the last couple of years) and I'll do my best to skim over those items as well.


Besides the fact that it's been the Year of Very Bad Things, this is a tough one for me. You have to realize that I can barely remember what I wore to work yesterday (or, in this case, Friday)...and most of the time, I can't. (Although I'm pretty sure I had clothes on, but only because I'm almost sure I'd remember getting arrested for scaring the children and the weak of heart. :D )


But I'll do my best....

August 2009 – August 2010

August 2009 – Very Bad Thing #1: my cousin was in a car accident in South Africa and has been in a coma ever since. I was still alone in the office (in terms of being responsible for procurement; I had both Admin Support staff there) as my partner-in-crime was on parental leave. We'd just had a hiring freeze announced at the end of July so things were finally slow. My boss was on holidays for most of August. I basically fell over comatose because I'd been running hell-bent for the horizon* since the beginning of June. #1 sister, my only niece and my niece's friend came to Edmonton to visit for a weekend. They stayed at #2 brother's place since my niece is deathly (and I do mean deathly!) allergic to cats so she couldn't even set foot in my house. My sister and I went shopping (two days in a row in West Edmonton Mall – gaaahhhh!!!) while the two young ones played at the Waterpark and then went shopping at the stores 16 year olds shop at. We had a lot of fun. :) We spent an evening out at #1 brother's place and had a really good visit with him and his girlfriend. With this visit, every one of my siblings in Saskatchewan had come to Alberta for a visit in 2009. \o/ Half-Bad Thing #1: The hiring freeze.


September 2009 – Work started speeding up again. Which is about all I can remember about September...


October 2009 – I...worked. I think I had the flu this month, where I went to work on Monday morning after being sick all weekend and my boss “escorted me from the building” at lunch time, drove me home and said “you're not coming in until Wednesday, RIGHT?” Yeah, I think that was October...


November 2009 – NaNoWriMo!!! And I won!!! Barely, but I won!!! And I actually really like the novel – or at least portions of it. There are parts of it that I need to completely rewrite because it's not the story I want to tell (as much as I love living vicariously through my characters, the red hot sex on the dining room floor just doesn't fit...). It was wonderful (er, the novel, not the imaginary red hot sex on the dining room floor – although the characters certainly didn't complain) and it showed me that yes, I can write original fiction as well as fan fiction. \o/ Had an ocular migraine for the first time in my life. Terrifying, but harmless. I scared my poor boss half to death although I was incredibly terrified myself. O.O


December 2009 – My partner-in-crime returned from parental leave on December 1st. My furnace broke down during one of the worst cold snaps on record for Edmonton. (-58.6 C at one point). Did not go home for Christmas. I did get my lovely Boo this month; brought her home and she promptly became the light of Spike's life. I should have named her Currie (short for Curious) because she needs to know EVERYTHING!!! Maybe Nosey??? Hmmmm....


January 2010 – I took the first two weeks of January off, and combined it with days off before and after Christmas and ended up with FOUR WEEKS OFF IN A ROW!!! God, it was awesome. :D Very Bad Thing #2: We lost a former colleague to cancer.


February 2010 – BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yay! Not that I did anything exciting. In fact, what did I do?? Nothing. I went on a great course, though, for work – Government and the External Environment. I finally almost kinda sorta understand the housing crisis!! Any prof who can make me feel like I actually understand something to do with economics is a miracle worker!! ^.^


March 2010 – Very Bad Thing #3 - A co-worker's wife passed away from cancer. Ummm...and work.


April 2010 – Very Bad Thing #4 - Another former colleague passed away from cancer (but the memorial was in June. She'd moved to BC when she retired, so the funeral was there.). Half-Bad Thing #2: We had 57 people laid off from the department, although several of them were subsequently redeployed within the department. Most, however, were either let go or redeployed to other Ministries. That number is nothing compared to another department which (apparently) have laid off 491 staff. And now that ministry is hiring again....go figure.... In other news, I participated in ScriptFrenzy which was awesome!! Even went out in public and met new people. O.O Mini-bad thing #1: I finally accepted the fact that I was struggling through a (relatively) mild depression and had been for at least a year.


May 2010 – Half-Bad Thing #3: Management reclassification results came out. Many, many, MANY managers were demoted. :( Morale was already pretty bad; it's now officially in the toilet. This was probably when my depression and my general health was also at its lowest. Besides being incredibly sad, I was also incredibly exhausted. I mean, to the point of just wanting to put my head down and cry because I was just so tired. My boss (who is far too good to me) kept nagging...er...encouraging me to go to the doctor – of course, finding one was my first challenge. I finally found one in June. :)


June 2010 – I went to the memorial service for the former colleague who passed away in April. I had my first physical in about five years, and I went for my very first mammogram. O.O It didn't hurt but it's still not something I'd like to do again. Ironically, I also started feeling better this month, both emotionally and physically. I wasn't feeling the waves of exhaustion as much; I don't even remember having a hot flash this month, and my depression seemed to be lifting, especially after I spent some time out in the sun.


July 2010 – Very Bad Thing #5 - My former boss's daughter passed away. For those keeping track, that's funeral #4 since January 1st. Ummm...the rest of the month (and the rest of the year) is here.


And there's my year in as great a detail as I can remember...




*Virtual cookies for anybody who knows what movie that line comes from. :D

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Aug. 25th, 2010 04:30 pm (UTC)
With all of that going on, I'm not surprised that you had a touch of depression and were otherwise under the weather - very glad you're feeling better!
Aug. 25th, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
*nods* Yeah, understandable** and yes, I'm feeling much better!! Yay!!

**And this summary barely skims the surface of all the Very Bad Things that have happened in the last two years. (Nothing directly to me or mine but heartbreaking nonetheless.)

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