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Title: For God and Country and Heather Lisinski
Characters: Beck, Heather, OCs
Rating: PG
Chapters: 15/17

Disclaimer: No, still don't own Jericho...I'm just playing with the characters. I'll return them relatively safe and sound.


Heather was still reeling from the revelation that Constantino had saved her because her grandmother had been kind as Jim and Trev escorted her back to the storage room. Just as they arrived, a woman ran up to them. "We need you outside right now. Toss her in, and follow me."

Jim hastily pushed Heather back in the storage room, her hands still cuffed behind her back and closed and locked the door.

Constantino's revelation made no sense in relation to everything she knew about the man Constantino had become. But she didn't take much time to ponder it. She had to get out before Beck was lured into the trap that Constantino had been building for months. And the first thing she had to do was get rid of these cuffs.

She thanked heaven - again - for Hawkins, as she maneuvered until she had her hands in front of her. He had certainly drilled her enough, she thought ruefully, as she panted with effort and the dull throbbing in her head.

She paused for a moment, listening hard. She thought she had heard something, but when it didn't repeat, she shrugged, and moved her hands to the waistband of her jeans. She undid the button, reaching for the small lock pick that she had inserted into the waistband seam. Hawkins had been very helpful, she thought as she started to work it out of the seam. She froze at the sound of a key turning in the lock. She hastily closed her jeans, and faced the door.

She watched as Trev came into the room. He smiled a nasty smile when he saw her.

"Why are you here?" Heather asked, her eyes wide, watching him carefully.

"We have some unfinished business, you and I," Trev said softly.

"Constantino gave strict orders - "

"I'm not like Jim; I don't follow his orders blindly."

"You did in New Bern."

"That was then," Trev said shrugging, moving towards her. She backed away as he advanced, circling away from him.

"Constantino will kill you if you go against his orders."

"He's not gonna care. You're Beck's bait - and so long as you're alive until Constantino's ready to kill you - well, so what if I get a few job perks a little early? Besides, you kicked me. I'm not going to let that go." He lunged at her.

She side-stepped easily, and made a break for the door. She had only taken a few steps when he caught her, grabbing her around the waist and dragging her towards the cot.

She elbowed him, knocking the breath out of him, loosening his grip. She twisted away and turned to face him, wishing she had had time to get the handcuffs off. He lunged at her again, and she clasped her hands together and smashed him across the face. He cried out, his hand going up to his nose, coming back bloody.

"You bitch!" he spat.

"Is that the best you can come up with?" Heather taunted. "Not such a man when the woman can fight back, are you?"

He growled, and came at her again, punching her in the jaw. She spun and fell on her back onto the cot, tasting blood from her cut lip. He followed her down, pressing her down into the mattress. She struggled against him, hampered by the handcuffs, hearing and feeling her shirt giving way under his onslaught. With a rush of adreneline she heaved him off her enough to get her arms out from between them, and slammed the fleshy parts of her palms upwards against Trev's nose. He cried out and rolled off her, ending up on his hands and knees on the floor, holding his now broken nose. Heather jumped off the cot, and went behind him, grabbing his gun from his holster.

She held the gun the way Hawkins had taught her, and said, her voice shaking, "Get up and get out. As much as I hate your breathing guts, I don't want to have to kill you."

He stared at her, his eyes wide and shocked and pained. "You wouldn't!" he said.

"I'll do whatever I have to - now get up slowly and get the hell out."

Trev slowly stood, one hand still on his nose, blood and tears streaming down his face, but his eyes blazing with blind rage and hatred. She backed away, circling around as he moved towards her, keeping him in sight and under the muzzle of the gun. When gunfire suddenly erupted outside the storage room door, she jumped and glanced towards the door. He took advantage of her momentary lack of attention to rush her. Her eyes flew back to his and she did what Hawkins taught her to do: she shot him.

Trev's eyes went wide as the bullet hit him, stopping him in his tracks. He slowly fell to his knees and then to his face. Heather gaped at him, shaking, and then abruptly swung the gun towards the door as it was kicked open. She gave a gasp of relief and shock when she saw Hawkins and Jake, guns drawn, peering into the room from around the broken door.

Hawkins came into the room, glanced at the body, and gave her a sympathetic look. She was bruised and dirty, her shirt ripped, her wrists cuffed. He reached out his hand, palm up, and she handed him the gun without a word. He tucked it into the back of his pants, and then put his arm around her shoulders.

"We need to get out of here," he said.

She gave a shaky nod. "Where's Beck?"

Hawkins and Jake exchanged a speaking glance, and Heather closed her eyes.

"He's taking care of Constantino, isn't he?"

Hawkins gave her a steady stare. "Yes. Constantino has to be stopped. One way or the other. Our orders were to find you, and get you away from here. You're not supposed to worry about him."

"Oh, like that'll happen," Heather replied, her voice shaking, her eyes not quite focused, looking everywhere but at the man on the floor.

Jake gave a small chuckle. "Let's go, Heather."

She nodded, and blinked, forcing herself to focus on the present. "You'd better help me get these cuffs off," she said to Hawkins. "Maybe Trev has a key."

Jake quickly searched the body, and came up with a set of keys. He unlocked Heather's handcuffs, and she massaged her wrists, rubbed raw from the cuffs and her struggles. Hawkins checked the corridor again. With a glance back, and a nod from him, the three of them left the room. The sound of gunfire outside the building was non-stop now, and Heather followed Hawkins and Jake with blind faith that they would get her out without getting her shot.

They took her out the back, away from the thick of the battle. Hawkins and Jake took out the few people they encountered, and the three of them were soon jogging towards a distant copse of trees about a mile away from the building where Heather had been held. They were in a humvee and on the road much sooner than she ever would have predicted.

As soon as they were underway, Jake keyed the radio to inform Beck and his men that their mission had been accomplished.

They drove in silence for several more minutes, Jake keeping a sharp eye out for pursuit as Hawkins drove.

"How - " Heather asked finally.

"I'll let Beck explain," Hawkins replied. "But basically - " he paused and glanced at her. "Anita let Constantino's men know where you were going to be, and they ambushed your guards and kidnapped you."


Hawkins nodded. "She's in a jail cell in Jericho right now."

"I haven't seen Beck this brutally angry since - "Jake stopped cold, giving Heather a carefully neutral look.

"He was frantic," Hawkins added, "and with good reason. We weren't much better, Jake - don't pretend we were. We're just lucky we could keep him from burning the town down around everybody's ears until somebody confessed."

"How did he find out about Anita?"

Hawkins and Jake exchanged a bemused glance in the rear view mirror. "That's really a story for him to tell you." Hawkins said, a thread of amusement in his voice, "but let's just say that Old Mrs. Francis is a force to be reckoned with, and Beck didn't stand a chance."

Heather blinked at him, and even through the events of the last two days she could feel a smile tug at her lips.

"Try to relax," Hawkins added, his voice soothing.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"Very close. Constantino's headquarters were only about 3 hours from Jericho."

Heather nodded. She glanced at Hawkins from the corner of her eye. "The two corporals who were guarding me? Corporal Andrews and Corporal Nichols? What happened to them?"

Hawkins and Jake exchanged another speaking glance, and Heather stilled for a moment, and then nodded. "That's what I was afraid of," she said, her voice breaking.

With a sigh, Hawkins reached out and clasped her hand, and she held it tightly as silent tears slid down her face.


A/N 1:  I have realized that I simply cannot write action or battle sequences.  Sigh.  So, as much as I would have loved to write a kick-ass sequence of Hawkins, Jake and Heather fighting their way to Beck's side, and over-running the compound, the best I could do would be "guns were shot, things went boom, and a whole bunch of guys died" LOL.  I love to watch action sequences; writing them...not so much.  :(

A/N 2:  Yes, I know Anita was the obvious culprit - my version of the Star Trek red shirt.  My original idea was to actually have Emily as the mole, but I found that, as much as I detest the character, even I couldn't justify her betraying Heather to Constantino.  To somebody else, maybe, but not Constantino.   Or at least not without a whole lot more story behind it all.  :)


Dec. 5th, 2008 05:35 am (UTC)
As plot twisty and cool as it would be to paint Emily as a baddie, I agree that it's just not justifiable in this sort of situation.

I think I could *maybe* justify it in a different situation - but not when it was Constantino.

I had never seen Ashley Scott in anything before Jericho, so I came to the character completely unbiased in that regard. I tried every episode to like the character, feel sympathy for her - and I just couldn't. I do need to re-watch season 1 again - maybe I'll have a different reaction to her now. I doubt it. But I guess I should try. :)



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