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Mission 101-2010 Update Part Two


Mission 101-2010 Update Part One


August 2010 Update September 2010 Update October 2010 Update January 2011 Update


     - *sighs in resignation* January 1, 2011 – Dear God – I have GOT to get this under control!!! I'm sick to death of all my money going to these bloody things!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

    1.  Cut credit card debt by 10%. 

    August 28/10 



2.  Read all my unread books. (14/873 - 1.60%) (30/879 – 3.41%) (41/898 – 4.57%) (49/906 – 5.41%) (58/922 – 6.29%) (63/961 – 6.56%)


3. Finish my Agatha Christie collection.

4. Finish my Christopher Stasheff collection.

5. Update my Stephen King collection.

6. Go home for Christmas 2011.


    7. Read 25% of the books on my "To Read" List Here.  Listed as of December 31, 2009.  (1/68)  (3/68)  (5/68)  (6/67) (10/67 – 14.93%) (15/67 – 22.39%)

8. Check out all the shows/games/etc. listed here:  shirleyann66.livejournal.com/12642.html .  Listed as of December 31, 2009. (2/30 – 6.67%)

January 30/11 – I watched the first two eps of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Made me laugh. :) I'll be watching the rest through Netflix. I also semi-watch Community now, and I have season 1 on DVD.


9. Participate in at least 25% of the communities I belong to as of December 31/09.  This means making a claim/posting stories and/or commenting on posts (depending on the community).


10. Move everything upstairs downstairs and move everything I need to store upstairs.  If I'm not going to live in that space I may as well use it. as storage.

October 4/10 – Oh, God – I soooo need to clean the upstairs!! It's where the cat box is, and the cats basically have the run of the place upstairs – and it shows. Now that I'm feeling better, and I almost have the urge to clean, I'm going to clean the upstairs and start getting this one knocked off the list. I do need boxes/plastic bins – something to use for storage for upstairs. And now that I'm not likely to sell the house before spring, moving shit – I mean, my very important belongings – upstairs will be a worthwhile endeavor. January 1/11 – New year – new intents to get my ass in gear and take control of this house!!!


11. Get all the movies I taped off TV on DVD.

October 4/10 – I was looking at Sears.ca at DVDs and there was one that could be hooked up to the VCR and then you could convert your VHS tapes to DVD. Which is exactly what I need!! :) Of course, I really want the movies, etc., in the commercial version. I'll have to see if I can find them at the HMV in West Edmonton Mall, which is the biggest one I know of in the city (and which I can get to relatively easily).


12. Read all postings made to at least 25% of the communities I belong to as of December 31/09 (that means from the beginning of the community to "now").

October 4/10 – Ye-eah – I'm not sure I still have a listing of the communities I belonged to as of December 31, 2009. I think I have the list somewhere...but I need to find it.


13. Post comments to postings to the communities in #12 that I really enjoyed.  Who cares if the feedback is years late??


14. Write an average of 1000 words per day for the 1001 days.  This doesn't mean I have to write 1000 words every day, but that at the end of the 1001 days, I've written 1,001,000 words.  (26,221/1,001,000)  (51,163/1,001,000  -  5.11%)  (81,505/1,001,000 – 8.14%) (122,658/1,001,000 – 12.25%) (142,782/1,001,000 – 14.26%) (181,491/1,001,000 – 18.13%) (202,709/1,001,000 – 20.25%)


15. Get the bathroom redone (if I haven't sold my house before then).

16. Go through each credit card and get RID of those programs that I can't remember agreeing to enroll in.  I'm sure I did - but now I don't know what the hell they're for and I just need to get rid of them.

January 30/11 – Well, one of these programs took care of itself. Just got notice on Friday that an insurance program I don't remember agreeing to has cancelled me because my credit card refused to pay the premiums anymore. Sometimes it pays to be wa-a-ay past the credit limit on my cards... LOL – kidding. But it was one I wasn't looking forward to tracking down in order to cancel it.


17. Get one credit card paid off.

January 19/11 – Yeah, I need to actually figure out what the payments would be to get one of the credit cards paid off in the next...year and nine months (or so). Otherwise, chances are I won't be successful here!! :D


18. Cancel the credit card when it gets paid off.

19  Get the complete Star Trek:  Original Series DVDs.


20. Watch/re-watch all my DVDs and VHS tapes. (2/95) (4/95)

January 19/11 – I have to update my inventory since I've bought a few new DVDs since I started this Mission. I also have to decide if I'm going to count all the VHS tapes that I use to tape TV shows...in which case this number is much higher. Of course, I have to go through those anyway, to see what's on them and update my inventory. :)


21.  Play or re-play all my games to the end (if there is one).


22.  After playing a game, decide if I will every re-play it.  If not, get rid of it.  (1/146) (2/146)

October 4/10 – I was playing Civ IV this weekend – that one's a keeper even though Civ V is due out this month. (eeee!! sooo excited about that one, too!!)


23.  Eat at restaurants from A to Z.  (I got this from somebody visiting places from A to Z and thought it was a really cool idea.) (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z)

January 1/11 – Ate at the Plum Tree on Christmas Eve and at Champs on December 29/10. :) I haven't been keeping track of this one that well – after a week in Vegas, I probably knocked a few of the letters off of here. Like “F” for the Flamingo...we also ate at the Paris; at BB King's in the Mirage; ummmm...the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur...and a couple of food courts that I can't remember the names of the vendors. :( January 19/11 – I need to find out what the name of that food court place is where I bought donairs last week... January 22/11 – Ate at Denny's today. Whoo! :D And I did eat at Pizza 73 at Northlands Coliseum last weekend...Oh! And at KFC and Taste of Mediterranean (mmmmm....donairs....mmmmm....). So, that crosses off the K anyway. :D OH – and in December I ate at the Royal Alberta Museum...not sure if the cafeteria there has a name, though...I guess I'll have to google it. :) January 28/11 – Crap. I ate at a new place on Wednesday and forgot to note what it was. :( Oh, well.


24.  Go to different geographical places from A to Z. (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z)

January 1/11 – Hmmm...not sure how to count this, actually. I've been to Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), and I just got back from Regina and Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan. Sooo...do I knock off L, N, U, R, M and S?? I think I really meant this to be the names of cities/places...so, that's how I'll start.


25.  Shop/Browse at stores from A to Z. (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z)

January 1/11 – damn! I wish I hadn't thrown out my receipts from Vegas!! Maybe I do still have them (but I doubt it). :( Not to mention during Christmas!!! Drat!! January 22/11 – Found my receipts from Vegas!! And today we were at Giant Tiger, Costco and (sadly) WalMart – so three letters scritched off right there. As for Vegas, my receipts showed I shopped at the Everything Coca-Cola store; G.H. Bass; Closet; Essentials; Harry & David; Easy Spirit; Piercing Pagoda; Van Heusen; Margaritaville; and Ross. I wonder what I bought at Piercing Pagoda...it was black, whatever it was...and it would have had nothing to do with piercings...LOL. But that strikes off E, H, P, V, M and R. Vegas, baby!! And of course I've shopped at Chapters and Coles many (many, many, many) times.


26.  Repaint the house (interior).

27.  Replace the fence. 


28.  Make 3003 different dishes by actually following recipes (because if something's worth doing, it's worth over-doing).

August 28/10 – You know, I can't even remember the last time I actually cooked...October 4/10 – I have to get to the grocery store; I should go armed with a list of ingredients and maybe I could actually start on this item this weekend. Or during the week. Or something. :D January 1/11 – Well, I have to get off my butt and start doing this. Not just for this challenge but also because I'll feel better if I'm cooking proper meals. *sigh* January 19/11 – If the weather and road conditions ever clear up enough so I can get to a grocery store, I may actually start doing this...of course, by the time I get to a grocery store, the urge will have faded away...sigh...


29.  Spend no money at all for five working days a month.  January 10, 11, 12; February 10, 11, 12; March 10, 11, 12; April 10, 11, 12; May 10, 11, 12; June 10, 11, 12; July 10, 11, 12; August 10, 11, 12; September 10, 11, 12; October 10, 11; November 10, 11; December 10, 11  (1/33)


30.  Clean up my Internet Favourites Folder.


31.  Go through ALL of the boxes of stuff in my house.

October 4/10 – This is something I need to start this weekend. I have half my livingroom filled with boxes/bags/etc., and half my spare room is filled with boxes/bags/etc. - arrggghhh!! Basically, one whole room full of boxes, bags, miscellaneous stuff...I need storage boxes and then I need to start going through everything and getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore. I need to find out how long you have to keep stuff for income tax (7 years, I think...) - that will help to clear out a box/binder or two. :)


32.  Get caught up reading Stephen King books (I'm so far behind...)

33.  Successfully complete NaNoWriMo 2011.

34.  Get rid of all the clothes I don't wear anymore.


35.  Hire garbage men each year to haul garbage away. (0/3)

October 4/10 – ooooh, I'd wanted to do this this year...drat!! May be a fail for 2010...actually, is likely to be a fail for 2010. *sigh*


36.  Get rid of all the stuff I don't use/need anymore.

October 4/10 – Well, there's stuff in the garage... LOL


37.  Make one new off-line friend in 2012. 


38.  Get ALL caught up with RevCan - enough already!!


39.  Cancel my GST number.

October 4/10 – This should be done this month. Not that I can take any credit – they contacted me. :) But, if it gets cancelled, then this is DONE. I won't mark this off until I get the official notice in the mail,though. January 1/11 – This was done in October. :)


40.  Go through all my stuff and cancel subscriptions I don't use/need anymore.

41.  Take care of all the stuff I just never seem to take care of.

42.  Go to Arizona and meet one of my LJ friends.

43.  Go to Comic Con in San Diego.


44.  Go to the scifi convention here in Edmonton in 2010 (I'm too lazy to look it up right now). (FAIL)

August 28/10 – ooooh, I forgot this was on here!! It's called PureSpec and it's the first weekend of October...and if I'm going to go, then I should get off my ass and maybe buy a ticket. September 25/10 – I need to double check this – I have the PureSpec convention written in my calendar at the END of October...so now I'm very confused. Which isn't unusual but still....October 4/10 – Yep – end of October...there's a session on fanfiction and another on about the Jane Austen parodies that have come out lately (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters)...but it's the weekend before I leave town for Vegas, soooo, should I stay or should I go??? January 1/11 – Didn't go – needed the entire weekend to get ready for Vegas. Hopefully next year...


45.  Go to the scifi convention here in Edmonton in 2011.

46.  Post my Heck fic in other places/communities (e.g., Fanfiction.net; the JerichoFic community here on LJ; other Jericho communities outside of LJ) - spread the Heck love!

47.  Seriously research publishing options for original fiction.

48.  Have a serious discussion with my brothers/sister about collaborating on novels.

49.  Find and enter at least three writing contests


50.  Find and enter at least three writing challenges OTHER than NaNoWriMo (not necessarily the same as #49). (1/3)

September 25/10 – I did do ScriptFrenzy in April... :) January 1/11 – ScriptFrenzy will be in April again...already have an idea for a script. :) But I hadn't intended to do the same writing challenge three times, so it won't count again. But it's going to be fun!!! :D


51.  Uncurdle the milk of human kindness flowing in my veins.

January 1/11 – Yeah, this soooo isn't happening... January 19/11 – Yeah, I'm really not being a very nice person lately... :(


52.  CLEAN the dining room once a year. (0/3)

53.  CLEAN the kitchen once a year. (0/3)

54.  CLEAN the livingroom once a year. (0/3)

55.  CLEAN the office once a year. (0/3)

56.  CLEAN the bedroom once a year. (0/3)

57.  CLEAN the spare room once a year. (0/3)


58.  CLEAN the bathroom once a year. (0/3)

January 19/11 – this is on my agenda for the weekend. Along with shovelling as much of the snow as possible so I can open my gate much wider and then shovelling the sidewalks. Gah...well, it's at least supposed to be close to or above freezing this weekend so that's a bonus at least!! Of course, if it's windy then it'll feel about 20 degrees colder. Brrrrrr.... January 28/11 – ooookkaaaayyyy – I guess this is now on the agenda for THIS weekend. :) Along with trying to clear more snow. The city sidewalk is almost clear (mostly due to the warm weather we've had all week) but I want to finish clearing that off, then start on the walkway to the house – and boy do I need to clear the walkway beside the house. Especially since we've had temperatures in the + range, and we're going to drop down to -20 this weekend. ICY, ICY, ICY. Yuck. :(


59.  CLEAN the cat room once a year. (0/3)

60.  CLEAN the rest of the attic once a year. (0/3)

61.  Participate in at least one Edmonton NaNo event in 2010. FAIL

62.  Participate in at least one Edmonton NaNo event in 2011.

63.  Participate in at least one singles only event sometime between September 29, 2011 and September 28, 2012.

64.  Seriously investigate solar panels for the house (if I don't sell it).

65.  Figure out why my kitchen/diningroom are so freakin' cold and do something about it.

66.  Pay off the neighbour for the fence they built in summer 2009.

67.  Switch the spare room and the bedroom.

68.  Move the TV into the livingroom (not as simple as it sounds...)

69.  Get somebody in to check the wiring in this place.

70.  Buy really good space heaters, especially for the kitchen/dining room.

71.  Investigate getting a generator (where would I put it?)

72.  Investigate getting a tankless water heater.

73.  Expand the deck to the size I want.

74.  Pick one day a week to go grocery shopping - and then GO GROCERY SHOPPING.

January 30/11 – hmmmm...weekly grocery shopping...may be a bit much – but we'll see. Maybe by the time this mission is done, I'll be at the point of weekly grocery shopping. :D


75.  Get a physical sometime between September 29, 2011 and September 28, 2012.

76.  Watch the Kentucky Derby in 2010, 2011 and 2012 (silly I know, but I forgot it this year!!  The first time in about 10 years...). (1/3)

77.  Watch the Preakness in 2010  (Fail),  2011 and 2012 (see #76). (0/3)

78.  Watch the Beaumont in 2010 (Fail), 2011 and 2012 (see #76). (0/3)


79.  Pick one day a month to go through all the paper that accumulates - and then GO THROUGH IT.  Store what needs to be stored and toss the rest.

January 1/11 – Okay. The first Saturday of every month. I'll have to set it up in my Google Calendar.


80.  KEEP WRITING.  I don't want to lose this again.

August 28/10 – I've been writing every day – even if it's only one sentence. :D September 25/10 – I missed a day this week!!! or the first time this year. *sob* I couldn't believe it when I looked in my notebook and realized I'd missed a day... grrr!!! October 4/10 – I missed a second day!!! October 1st – I was soo sick. :( Not impressed!!) January 1/11 – I ended up with a fairly bad bout of writer's block. I wrote lots still (NaNo was in November, after all), but not every day. :( So, starting today, I'm going to get back into the routine of writing every day, even if it's only two words. January 19/11 – So far, every day since January 1st. \o/


81.  Watch or re-watch all the William Powell movies (except possibly Manhattan Melodrama.  Then again, it was the last movie John Dillinger ever saw, and the first pairing of William Powell/Myrna Loy so...)

82.  Make a list of all the William Powell movies I really liked for my collection.

83.  Get all the digital photos off my phone and onto my computer and get all my old (I mean really old) film developed - see if anything turns out on them..

84.  Set up my movie collection in the livingroom with the TV (not as simple as it sounds).

85.  Watch or re-watch all the Clark Gable movies (except Gone with the Wind.  Sorry - no.)

86.  Make a list of all the Clark Gable movies I really liked for my collection.

87.  Go through all my pictures and put them in albums or scrapbooks or something.  Laying around in random boxes and drawers (or hanging out on my phone or my work computer) just ain't cutting it.

88.  Watch or re-watch all the Myrna Loy movies.

89.  Make a list of all the Myrna Loy movies I really liked for my collection.


90.  Eat at least one real meal every day.

January 28/11 – hmmmm...not really sure I've been meeting this goal – yet. I do have groceries now, and I've actually cooked a couple of times this month. Whoo! LOL



91.  Watch or rewatch all the Howard Hawks movies. (2/??)

January 28/11 – Ha – just realized I'm killing two birds with one stone. El Dorado is a Howard Hawks movie. :) Pretty sad so far, though. And Rio Bravo is also Howard Hawks, so I've actually seen two of the movies already.


92.  Make a list of the Howard Hawks movies I really liked for my collection.

93.  Take vitamins every day for a year.  See if it makes a difference.  (0/365)

January 1/11 – I've been taking a vitamin every day since the first Saturday of September.


94.  Watch or re-watch all of the John Wayne movies. (3/??)

August 28/10 – August was John Wayne month on AMC – every Saturday, they'd play John Wayne movies all day. Sadly, they were usually the same damn movies (grrrr!). But, that means I re-watched McLintock and I finally saw ALL of Rio Bravo. Both of which I love! January 1/11 – With the True Grit remake, I now want to watch John Wayne's version...although, to be fair to Jeff Bridges and company, I should watch the new one first...hmmmm... January 28/11 – Ask and ye shall receive. True Grit was on AMC tonight – so I've finally seen it. :) Now I really want to see the remake to see what (if anything) they've changed. El Dorado is on next - and it's Howard Hawks (yay!). My movie book calls it a “follow up” to Rio Bravo which kinda gives me the puzzled puppy look (is it a sequel?). I've never seen it, so what the heck.


95.  Start drinking more water.  Start at one full glass a day on the weekends and work up to eight (I don't need to be going to the bathroom every five minutes at work, thanks.).

96.  Buy a Roomba or something similar (will it pick up the cat fur??)

97.  After watching/re-watching all my DVDs/Tapes decide whether I want to keep them.  If not, get rid of them.

98.  Go to Montreal to visit my nephew (before he moves away from there).

99.  Go to the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal.

100. Write one fiction novel between September 29, 2011 and September 28, 2012.

101.  Write one non-fiction book between September 29, 2011 and September 28, 2012.  Or at least get one started.





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