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Seriously Random/Randomly Serious Update

Hi, all.  Briefly coming out of lurkerdom 'cause...I feel like it.  :D

Serious stuff:

An extremely bizarre year here so far.  First, it took FOREVER for winter to finally give up the battle (seriously - I think it was the first week of May before we had a week without below-freezing temperatures).  Now we have out of control wildfires in Northern Alberta (with the town of Slave Lake - 7000 people - evacuated, and (last I heard) 40% destroyed). In the meantime, the southern parts of the west are drowning.    And I'm scared to hear more about what's happening in other places in the east, other than Quebec.  One of my cousins in southern Saskatchewan posted a Facebook update a couple of weeks ago mentioning there were white caps in the fields...which is just wrong on soooo many levels.  She basically thinks the entire farming season will be a write-off for them.

On a lighter and fluffier note...
  1. Issue 6 of the Jericho comic is due in stores on June 8th, I believe it is.  YAAAAY!! 

  2. I've been working on 25 little Beck/Heather stories in response to the [info]love_bingo challenge.  I originally intended them all to be stand alone little snippets and thereby easily knock a bingo blackout out of the park...they're now sorta/kinda falling into chronological order and happening in the same "universe".....*facepalm* WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???  I don't know if I need an intervention....or an enabler (anybody wanna pay my mortgage while I write fanfic full time??  LOLOL).

  3. Watched a lovely little movie a few weeks ago called One Week, starring Joshua Jackson.  It's a rather sad story, but also a gorgeous love letter to my beloved Canada.  Joshua Jackson did a marvelous job, the cinematography was gorgeous, and the editing was wonderful and really evoked the turmoil Ben was in.  The ending is left wonderfully ambiguous and can be interpreted in either a good or bad way, depending on your mindset.

  4. I'm also getting back into Oasis with the goal of an update in the next couple of weeks (including a (currently) massive Interlude).  WHAT IS WRONG --- oh, right - already did that.  ;D

  5. I learned that they're planning a remake of The Thin Man, starring Johnny Depp.   I...I'm torn.  On the positive hand, The story in The Thin Man can definitely stand the test of time...Johnny Depp...re-introducing Nick and Nora Charles to the movie-going audience can only be a good thing...Johnny Depp...if they find an actress with the right screen presence it'll be a lot of fun - and did I mention Johnny Depp?  On the negative hand....I adore, adore, adore the original Thin Man movies (well, the first two more than the other four) and I don't think a re-make will ever be as good as the orginal...Johnny Depp...William Powell/Myrna Loy = silver screen gold (they made fourteen movies together for a reason!)...Johnny Depp...they may completely screw up the chemistry/relationship between Nick and Nora by casting a completely wrong actress and writing a completely crappy script - and did I mention Johnny Depp? 
Don't get me wrong - I love Johnny Depp.  But IMO he's definitely known for playing, er, almost-too-quirky characters (Jack Sparrow (who I love with a passion); Sweeney Todd; the Mad Hatter). To be fair, I've only seen bits and pieces of the latter two, so I know I may be totally out to lunch on this respect. Still...on the one hand:  he's incredibly talented; on the other hand...what's he going to doooooo to my beloved, debonair, dashing, charming, amusing, child-like, intelligent, competent, quick-witted, eternally-slightly-soused Nick Charles???  (...I'm looking forward to finding out...  ;D) 
Finally, I'm still writing snippets on my ScriptFrenzy 2011 script; I've also started a novelization of it. Every now and then I re-read both my Nano2010 and Nano2011 novels, as well as my ScriptFrenzy 2010 script...and then I get the urge to write more on those, too.....aaarrrgghhh!! Intervention??? Enabler???? Psychiatric help??? *bangs head on desk* 

Wow – this wasn't nearly as “brief” as I'd expected!! I'll post this as it's already 8:39 p.m., I still have to eat supper and I still have to do some typing/writing tonight. :D



May. 21st, 2011 12:02 am (UTC)
what's he going to doooooo to my beloved, debonair, dashing, charming, amusing, child-like, intelligent, competent, quick-witted, eternally-slightly-soused Nick Charles???

Make him SUPER-AWESOME? Have you seen Finding Neverland? He was non-quirky AND YET UTTERLY EXCELLENT in that.
May. 22nd, 2011 05:26 am (UTC)
No, I've never seen Finding Neverland (more's the pity :( )

And I know that my hesitation is based solely on my deep, abiding love for William Powell, because (even if I didn't like the movie) Johnny Depp has never been anything but SUPER-AWESOME in everything I've seen him do. LOL



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