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Title: For God and Country and Heather Lisinski
Characters: Beck, Heather, OCs
Rating: PG
Chapters: 17/17

Disclaimer: No, still don't own Jericho...I'm just playing with the characters. I'll return them relatively safe and sound.   Oh, and apologies to Han Solo for the blatant rip-off...I mean, homage - but it's such a great line.  :)

A/N - sorry for the odd fonts but I keep getting errors when I post this puppy.  I'll try to adjust the fonts again later.  :)


Heather was huddled into the corner of the couch in her livingroom, the lights low, wrapped in her grandfather's dressing gown, when there was a knock, and Beck opened the door and walked in.

He hesitated at the sight of her, then he bent and silently removed his boots before coming fully into the house.

Heather was aware of him, in the dim light of her livingroom. She felt cold, and drained and numb. She couldn't look directly at him. She was afraid of what she would see. In her dreams. In her face. In his eyes.

"I just got back," he said softly, walking towards her, "Clark told me you were here. Heather - "

"Do you know what happened today?" Heather asked abruptly, her voice harsh, stopping him in his tracks.

He looked at her steadily for a long moment. "Yes."

"You know about Trev? You know why Anita did what she did?"


"I didn't sell anybody out," Heather whispered, staring at her hands where she was playing with the belt of the dressing gown.

"I never thought you did."

Heather stared into space for a long silent moment. "What good would it have done to tell the truth?" Heather whispered, speaking more to herself than to him. "They wouldn't have released me from that bed. They would have just raped me, too. If they believed me at all. What else could I have done?"

Beck walked to the couch and sat down, facing her.

"There was nothing else you could have done," Beck responded gently. "You're right. Telling the truth would have done nothing, except have them turn on you. Heather, what happened in that cell was not your fault. You didn't cause the rapes. And there was nothing you could do to prevent them."

Heather was silent for a long moment, never lifting her eyes to his. He reached out to her.

"Don't." She shrunk away.

Beck hesitated, then dropped his hand. He waited silently for her to speak.

"You know about Trev?" she asked again.


"You once told me that the thought of me killing someone was sacrilege," she whispered. "You told me yesterday that I was your guiding star, that I was always good. Anita said you had me on a pedestal so high I can't be seen from the ground. Well, I killed somebody today. And I stayed silent when I could have spoken and perhaps saved someone else. Can you look at me the way you did before?"

Beck was silent for a long moment, and then sighed softly. "You're still you - you're battered and bruised, both inside and out - but the core of you hasn't changed. You want what's best - you want what's right - you want a better world.

"Can I look at you the way I did before? I'm looking at you that way right now."

Heather sniffed, her head down, her hair hiding her face.

"Look at me, Heather," Beck whispered.

With a deep breath, she straightened her shoulders, lifted her head and met his eyes. She caught her breath. His eyes were warm and trusting; concerned and vulnerable; and her lips parted softly at the naked emotion in his eyes that he made no attempt to hide.

He reached out and took her hand, and this time she didn't stop him.

"You're a person, with demons, and regrets; hopes and dreams. I know what I told you in the storm cellar. I know what I said to Anita. And how it all sounds. I don't have you up on a pedestal. You're not a symbol to me. You're not a flag I rally around. But I will - and I always will - do things for God and country and Heather Lisinski - no matter what you've had to do. Because I love you. As you are, and for who you are."

Heather stared at him, shaking, tears in her eyes. She had once thought she would be Jake's redemption. She had never imagined that she would be the one in need of salvation. Or that the man looking at her so intently would give her the opportunity for healing she needed.

Beck glanced at the bruising on her jaw, and gently rubbed his thumb over her lips, carefully avoiding the angry cut created by Trev's fist. He kissed her very gently, half-on, half-off her lips, his mouth warm against hers. The kiss was brief, and he pulled back to look in her eyes before tugging her into his arms, and holding her tightly as she buried her face into his shoulder, hugging him fiercely.

He stroked her hair, being careful of her bumps and bruises.

After long moments she lifted her head, and gave him a small smile. "Thank you," she said.

"For what?"

She shrugged. "For coming after me. For listening. For..." she looked at him shyly, "for everything."

Beck smiled back. "You're welcome."

"I love you too, you know."

"I know," he answered, and kissed her again.  


Dec. 1st, 2008 07:19 pm (UTC)
On a different note, what did he say to Anita?

I originally had a line that Beck had told Anita that Heather was his hope in a hopeless world. I took it out because I thought I had him say it to Heather, instead...of course, I was in a bit of a writing/editing frenzy, so things are a bit blurry at the moment... LOL :)



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