shirleyann66 (shirleyann66) wrote,

Random Musings re Fanfic Writing

This (For God and Country and Heather Lisinski) was the first time I had posted a work-in-progress, and I've found it to be an interesting process. 

On the one hand, posting as I go keeps me motivated to get the story done; on the other hand, now that it <i>is</i> done, I would love to go back and smooth out some of the plot points, add in more details, remove others, and (in this particular story) change the perspective from Heather-only to either both Beck/Heather or an omniscient perspective - because so much good stuff happened "off-screen".

I am going to write Beck's perspective (although no details regarding the storming of Constantino's stronghold -  "guns went off, things went boom, people died" - good enough.   LOL) - and it may end up it's own stand-alone story, or just a series of one-shots, with a reference to when it occurs.

How do others feel when they're posting a work-in-progress?  Or do you guys plot things out in a lot of detail before posting?  I always knew the big points that were going to happen - but the details were worked out as I went along.
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