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Promises (or lack thereof) - Pt. 5/25

Challenge:  love_bingo   
Rating:  PG to PG-13
Words: 909
Prompt:  LB4 - Love Will Find a Way
Warnings:  Nothing too explicit but will warn for violence/implied torture in a couple of the later parts (I'll post a specific warning on those posts). Everything in the series and comics is fair game, so spoilers ahoy!  

Disclaimer:   I do not own, nor am I affiliated with, CBS or Jericho or...whoever else may actually own this show.  I just like to take the characters out to play.  I put them back, mostly unharmed...although not always...this is for fun, not profit and no copyright infringement is intended.


Beck frowned as Heather drove them out to the Richmond farm in the ridiculously rundown truck she called Charlotte.

"So, Stanley's having trouble with trespassers?" he asked, trying to understand the extent of the problem he'd been asked to address and wondering if he should have insisted on coming out here with a half-dozen troops.

"Maybe," Heather hedged, and Beck's frown deepened.

"You clearly said trespassers," he said slowly.

"I said Stanley suspected trespassers - but you know Stanley - and with the wedding this evening, well, he might just be panicking over nothing." She shrugged, but she didn't, he noticed, look him in the eye, and she seemed be biting back a smile.

"What are you up to?" he asked, torn between suspicion and amusement.


Beck's answering grunt was non-committal as Heather pulled into the farm yard. He watched as Mimi came carefully down the stairs, her stomach gently rounded with the baby she was carrying. Emily came out onto the porch and leaned against a pillar.

"Did you have any trouble Major-napping him?" Mimi called cheerfully as Beck and Heather got out of the truck.

"No trouble at all," Heather replied, equally cheerful, laughter clear in her voice. "I spun him a tale of trespassers and he stepped into Charlotte like a lamb to the slaughter."

"Truer words were never spoken when you're talking about Charlotte," Emily said as she came down the stairs to join them.

"All right - why am I here?" Beck demanded, putting on his best stern face, his arms crossed against his chest.

"We need help getting the farm ready for the wedding this evening," Mimi said.

"And Mimi decided - at the last minute, I might add -" Emily said with a pointed look at the unapologetic bride, "that she wanted a wedding arch."

 "Lushly decorated with fall foliage," Heather reminded her, "and since Stanley's been banished for the duration -"

"Bad luck, you know," Mimi put in.

"And since Jake and Eric are busy keeping Stanley away from the farm," Emily continued, "when we realized we needed some help getting everything ready -"

"I thought of you," Heather finished with a triumphant grin.

Beck struggled to maintain his stern expression as he stared at the three women in front of him. He wondered if he'd be able to hold his own with them for the few hours it would take to help build and decorate the arch. Who was he kidding, he thought ruefully as a smile tugged at his lips, ruining his best Majorly-Pissed-Off-Major expression - just one of them could run circles around him with one arm tied behind her back. He didn't have a hope. He mock-sighed at the grins on their faces as he dropped his arms and started towards the house.

"Why didn't you just ask me?" he demanded.

"Well, where's the fun in that?" Heather replied and danced away, her face lit up with mischievous laughter.


Five hours later, Beck stood in the crowd and watched Stanley and Mimi become husband and wife, under the wedding arch he and Heather had built, and which the four of them had decorated. The wedding arch stood at the foot of the hill where Stanley's family was buried, so those who had gone before could bear silent witness to the couple's happiness, and to their commitment to each other and the future.

Beck watched the ceremony and marvelled at the people around him, and of the two standing under the arch in particular. He marvelled at the strength and resilience of the human spirit, and its capacity to persevere, to believe that, even against incredible odds, even in the face of unbelievable tragedy, love would find a way to triumph. He marvelled at Stanley and Mimi's strength as individuals and at the strength of their love and devotion for each other, at their resilience that kept them on the farm that had seen so much bloodshed. 

Beck looked at the crowd and at Stanley and Mimi's friends standing up with them. Emily and Jake were the maid of honor and best man, with Eric and Mary as attendants. The six of them had found each other, had made commitments, just as had so many others in the crowd and back in Jericho. Countless others finding their partners, making commitments, and forging a future, even in the uncertain and dangerous world they faced, believing that, no matter how ephemeral it may be, loving and being loved was worth whatever price they had to pay.

If he was honest with himself, he more than marvelled at it - he envied it. He envied those who could make their choices with certainty and without guilt.

His gaze slid towards Heather, standing beside him with baby Johanna in her arms. Heather wore a brilliant blue dress that brought out her eyes with her hair framing her face in gentle waves. Beck's fingers itched to discover if her hair was as silky soft as it looked. Gail Green stood on the other side of Heather, wiping a surreptitious tear from her eye even as she grinned widely when Stanley dramatically dipped the bride for the traditional wedding kiss.

This was, Beck knew, a day out of time, and he felt honored to have been included. His eyes met Heather's and he smiled warmly at her as he decided that, for this one night, he wouldn't worry about tomorrow.

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And the world won't stop, and actions speak louder
Listen to your heart, and what your heart might say
Everything we got, we got the hard way.

-- Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Hard Way from the album Come On, Come On


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They can bend it all they want.

-- John Mayer, Waiting on the World to Change from the album Continuum


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Until there was a war.
Or thought about tomorrow
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I never cherished freedom
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-- Five for Fighting, Freedom Never Cries from the album Two Lights


It may sound absurd: but don't be naive
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed: but won't you concede
Even heroes have the right to dream

-- Five for Fighting, Superman (It's Not Easy) from the album American Town


Had a dream last night took a time travellin' ride
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They snack on innocence and dine on self-esteem
But I like to be in touch with what makes me scream
Vampires, mummies and the Holy Ghost
These are the things that terrify me the most.
No alien, psychopath or MTV host
Scares me like vampires,mummies and the Holy Ghost.

-- Jimmy Buffett, Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost from the album Fruitcakes


"I want to believe that... the dead are not lost to us. That they speak to us... as part of something greater than us - greater than any alien force. And if you and I are powerless now, I want to believe that if we listen, to what's speaking, it can give us the power to save ourselves."

-- Fox Mulder, The X-Files from the episode The Truth, pt. 2
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