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Christmas Prompt: Misappropriated Mistletoe

Title: Christmas Prompt:  Misappropriated Mistletoe
Characters: Beck, Heather
Rating: PG
Chapters: 1/1

Disclaimer: No, no, even if I ask Santa nicely, I probably still won't own Jericho, just like I don't own it now.  (Bummer).  Just having a little fun - not profit - and all characters will be returned safe and sound.


Heather was already in bed when Beck got home. He walked into the bedroom and gave her a tired smile. She grinned back, her eyes alight with laughter and mischief, a look that made him perk up, in more ways than one.

"What?" he asked.

"Have you been to city hall today?"

"No-o-o-o-o," he drawled cautiously, as he started stripping off his uniform.

"It's all decorated for Christmas," she burbled happily.

"Well, I heard that - and that all the mistletoe has gone missing."

Heather blinked at him. "Missing?"

"Yeah, the decorators were pretty pissed. Thank God that's Jake's problem." He paused, arrested by the too-innocent look on her face. He gave her a searching look. "Okay - what do you know?" he sighed.

Heather sat up, and then crawled down the bed to him. Until Heather, he had never known how sexy flannel pajamas could be. His mouth went dry as she knelt on the bed in front of him and snagged the waistband of his pants to tug him closer.

"Let's just say there's gonna be a lot of games of hide and seek in Jericho tonight. And you know what you have to do when you see mistletoe, right?" she purred. "You have to kiss whatever's beneath it."

Beck blinked at her, and caught a glimpse of green through a small gap in her pajama top.  He couldn't help but grin at her playful look.

"Did you have to steal every piece of mistletoe?" he asked.

"Not just me!" Heather protested. "Besides, I don't know what the decorators were thinking - there was an awful lot of it just lying around, doing nothing."

He grinned even wider as she slid her arms around his neck, and he smoothed his hands down her back to her hips. "I think it was meant for the whole town," he said, trying to achieve a scolding tone and failing miserably.

"Well, whatever survives the night will be returned," Heather promised earnestly, her grin wicked.

Beck bent to kiss her and paused. "Exactly where do you have it all hidden?"

"That's the best part of mistletoe," she winked as she stretched up, her lips hovering close to his, "it's always a surprise when - and where - you find it."


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