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Misappropriating Mistletoe (prequel to Christmas Prompt)

Title: Misappropriating Mistletoe
Characters: Heather and Others
Rating: PG
Chapters: 1/1

Disclaimer: No, no, even if I ask Santa nicely, I probably still won't own Jericho, just like I don't own it now. (Bummer). Just having a little fun - not profit - and all characters will be returned safe and sound.

A/N:   Nativefloridian and Janiekins scared the plot bunny out of its nest for me; Rubberbisquit gave me the opening line, and Inanna sounded like she desperately needed something light and fluffy.  So, for all of you who are far too busy at the moment - and for those of you who aren't (if there is anyone) - here is a fluffier than the fluffiest piece of fluff...piece of...fluff - anyway, I hope you enjoy it!!  :)


"You know, I always thought mistletoe would be more effective if it wasn't hung."

Like compasses pointing north, every head within earshot swiveled to look at Mary. She was standing at the table where the Christmas decorations were sorted out, holding a sprig of mistletoe with a thoughtful expression on her face.

They drifted towards her - Heather and Darcy, Mimi and Emily.

Mimi reached out and picked up a sprig as well. "I suppose..." she said, frowning uncertainly.

"Think about it," Mary said, smiling mischievously at them.

Four faces thought about it and the light began to dawn

"That could be kinda fun, couldn't it?" Mimi asked.

"Would add a little spice," Darcy agreed.

"Could provide a bit more...hmmm...focus," Emily mused.

"Would certainly take him by surprise," Heather sighed.

Four heads turned to look at Heather, who was staring off into space, a faint smile on her face.

"You and Beck haven't been together that long," Emily teased, "you shouldn't need any, uh, assistance yet."

"Well, we're very effective, have lots of fun, plenty of spice, and if we were any more focused, it would probably kill us. But he is a tough man to surprise..." she trailed off, looking thoughtful, an evil glint in her eyes.

"Hey, I was just thinking out loud - " Mary protested.

"I think it's a great idea," Heather said enthusiastically, turning to Mary, her eyes shining. "Besides, look at all this mistletoe. If we hang it all here, we couldn't go four feet without having to kiss somebody. Now, how efficient would that be? Besides, think how long it would take to hang it all - we're actually doing the decorators a favor!"

The other four exchanged amused glances. "Well, you don't have to convince me," Darcy said with a grin. "But don't you think people would get suspicious if we all walk out of here, and the mistletoe is gone?"

"Not if we pretend we're hanging it," Heather whispered. "Nobody's really paying attention - just grab a garland or two, and take some mistletoe and then..." she shrugged "...misplace it."

The others exchanged looks, casually glanced around, and then equally casually grabbed some garlands and a handful of mistletoe. With discreet nods, they dispersed to various parts of city hall.

Heather grabbed her own load of garlands and mistletoe, and turned to find a spot that needed decorating.

"Wow!" Gale Green looked impressed as she walked up to Heather. "How did you manage to convince them to help decorate? Nobody wanted to except Mary, and only because Eric twisted her arm."

Heather adjusted her load of garlands and mistletoe. "It's all about finding the right incentive," she replied with a wink.


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