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Random Update

A short little random update that's not about anything much...except to say to my hetbigbang Heck fic:  WHYYYYYYYY do you hate me so much???  *goes to a corner and sobs quietly* 
I just want to get the first draft finished by Friday 'cause the weekend's shot (a family wedding!  With family!!  What are they thinking?!?!) and...this fic has been like pulling frickin' teeth out of a chicken!!!


Except for the fact that Beck/Heather are looking for every opportunity to make out/get naked - and it's always at the wrong point in the story!!! 

Crazy kids.

Anyway, to hopefully keep my sanity on track, let me introduce to you an original character:  President Rebekkah Washington.  Played (in my mind at least) by the awesome Anna Deavere Smith:

And I give you a(n unedited) snippet involving the President (with some bad language):      

Then - March 2008

 Beck and Hawkins were met by bullets hitting the door frame high above their heads, and they both hit the floor.

 Hawkins shouted, "Madam President! It's Hawkins!"     "And Beck!"

     "Shit!" they heard the President say. Her voice was low to the floor and came from behind a turned over desk they could dimly make out through the darkness, smoke and dust. "Did I hit you?"

 "Not even close, ma'am," Beck said as he and Hawkins regained their feet and, crouched low, hurried their way towards her.

 "How we knew it was you," Hawkins said as they threw themselves down on either side of her.

 "Asshole," she said without heat. She was covered with grime and held the gun tightly with shaking hands.

 "Ma'am, we have to to get you out of here," Beck said, his voice soothing. "Are you ready?"

 The President swallowed and nodded, then she glanced at her feet clad in attractive high heeled shoes. "Wait," she said. She took off one shoe. "This pains me," she joked weakly, "but I can't run in these." She handed one to Hawkins and the other to Beck, never loosening her death grip on the gun in her hand. They quickly snapped the heels off and she slipped them back on. Then she nodded to them.

 Beck's troops had done their job, drawing the fighting away from their location and in the opposite direction Beck and the others now needed to go. Beck and Hawkins peered around the hall then glanced at each other and back at the President.

 "If you're going to shoot that thing," Hawkins said, "aim high. We're trying to rescue you."

 "Careful, Mr. Hawkins - I could shoot you on purpose."

 Beck chuckled. "I've been tempted myself." He glanced at her. "Ready, Madam President?"

 She nodded as she said, "Under the circumstances, call me Rebekkah."

 Beck met her eyes through the gritty, smoky haze, and was struck again by the determination in her eyes.

 He nodded at Hawkins and with the President between them they made their run out of the building and towards the helicopter that was waiting for them.

 The chopper lifted off just as the ASA ground forces came around the corners of the building, firing as they began to fly away. Hawkins, Beck and the four soldiers in the chopper returned fire until they were of range.

 The President, grim-faced, looked out the chopper windows at the devastated, burning city, and tried not to cringe as jet fighters flew around them locked in deadly battle.

 Then they were clear and on the horizon all around them they could see the smoke from other burning cities. For as far as the eye could see.

 The President twisted in her seat, and for the first time since he'd met her, Beck saw tears in her eyes.

 She fumbled for the radio, and the soldier beside her helped her turn it on.

 "Where to now?" she demanded furiously. "Where are we supposed to hide now?"

 Beck and Hawkins met her gaze steadily.

 "There's only one place left, ma'am," Beck replied.

 "And where, exactly, is that?" she bit out.

 "Jericho," Hawkins said. "And we won't be hiding."

Oh, and on a totally random note - I think Sprague Grayden is one of the most adorable actors ever with that fresh-faced, tomboyish, girl-next-door look.  Then I found this picture (yanked remorselessly from spraguegrayden.com):

Now  I'm desperately craving fic where she knocks everyone in Jericho (in particular a certain army Major) on their collective asses - cause seriously?  How gorgeous is she???

(and yes, fluffy plot bunny - I see you sitting there waggling your ears at me.  Stop it.)(At least until this current fic gets finished.)

Finally - I have about 6-7 letters in Oasis which have been ready to be posted for *cough*weeks*cough* - if I would just get off my lazy ass and do it!!


Now to wrestle with this HetBigBang fic some more.......

PS:  Haven.  Watch it.  Nathan, Duke and Audrey are the most adorable threesome EVER.  They make me laugh - and I just want to huggle all of them.

PPS:  And it's somehow comforting to know LJ still hates my guts when it comes to formatting posts. 



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