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Mission101-2009 List


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Mission 101 Updates Part Two

1. Cut credit card debt by 10%
Unforunately, this went backwards - I had to travel, so now I'm more in debt than when I started. Oh, well. I have 2.75 years to meet this goal.  Slow and steady on this one.  Still recovering from my trip to Vancouver, though.  April 8/09 - Slow going on this one; however, my total debt has gone down in February and March.  Whether that holds true for April, though, since I'm doing the floors this month will remain to be seen.  The small progress I've made may be toast by the end of this month.  {sigh}.   April 24/09 - Lowered my debt by .98% - yes, that's LESS than one percent - but it's still a drop and that's all I care about!!  LOL  April 30/09 - Well, now I need new glasses.  #!!@$!!  Without new frames:  $500+; with new frames:  $700++ .  So much for lowering the credit card debt.  :(  On the other hand, being able to read clearly is worth any price I have to pay.  And I'm grateful that I still have my vision.   I'll stop pouting about it now.  May 9/09 - boy has this one been shot to hell at the moment.  {{sigh}}  That's really all I have to say.  LOL   May 25/09 - Well, as bad as this month was, I'm still less in debt than when I started the year.  Okay, only 0.15% less in debt, but I'll take whatever small piece of progress I can get!!  At least I haven't gone MORE in debt, which was what I had feared.  June 4/09 - Well, this has been shot to hell in a handbasket - however, I managed to get my glasses so a new pair (complete with frames) cost less than $500!!!  I was doing the happy dance on Tuesday, I must say!  :)  They'll be ready by the time I'm back.  June 19, 2009 - Well, this has officially gone backwards.  I'm now 1.21% MORE in debt than when I started the year.  *hangs head and sighs*.  Well, the mission ain't over yet!!  :)  July 24/09 - Well, I'm 0.78% more in debt than when I started the year  Mega, mega, MEGA SIIIIIIGGGGHHHHH....and now the fence was damaged in the big storm we had last weekend - and the whole thing needs to be replaced anyway (because it's rotting, not because of the storm).  *shakes fist*

2.Read all the books in my house I haven’t read yet – and want to read (16/813)   (18/815)  (19/817(20/818)   (25/819 or 3.05%)  (28/820 or 3.41%)  (28/899 or 3.11%)  (34/904 or 3.76%) 
Well, I've begun taking inventory of all the unread books in my house. Up to 579, and I'm still counting (at least 4 more boxes to sort through not to mention gathering all the stragglers at various places in the house). However, I've read four of them. :)   Well, I have taken invenfory of the majority of my unread books for a grand total of 809 - not counting any stragglers that are in various places around the house.  But those stragglers should hopefully not be more than, say...25-50 at most..LOL  .Although with me, you never know....And I've read 6 of them so far, and working on the 7th.  Yay!  :  Although that's really slow for me (only 6 books in 2 months?!?).  I've just been writing more than reading, I guess.)  Mar 28/09 - Up to 813  books in total; I'm up to 11 completed, which is really, really slow for me.  Only 11 books in 3 months???  I'm slipping.  That used to be in a week.  April 24/09 - Yeah, I bought two  (four) more books this month.  Which is actually really low for me...I've been fighting the urge to go to the used bookstore two blocks from my office and go on a book-buying-binge.  The only thing saving me has been the weather - too damn cold for me to even do that...and I just haven't found too much I want to buy.  :(  I may have to trek out to West Edmonton Mall and hit Chapters...good-bye progress made in item #1!!  LOL  May 9/09 - Read one, bought one.  Somehow progress seems a little slow...  ;)   June 15/09 - I'm getting another box, bag and two stacks of books from my sister(s).  YES!!  And I mean that sincerely - there's really not a whole lot I enjoy more than getting a whack of books.  :)  I guess you could say that is one goal that may never get done...and that's okay with me!  June 28/09 - {hums happily as I log the new books...}  July 25/09 - this is happily progressing.  Will I succeed or fail??  Ummmm...don't really care.  In this particular case, it's the journey (and the books) that matter.  LOL  Of course, if I would stop buying or accepting more books, this would be much easier to accomplish - except asking me to do that is like asking me to stop breathing.  Seriously. 

3. Finish tiling the floor in the office
I am going to be on holidays for two weeks in April, just hanging around the house, so I'm planning on getting this done during that time.  Given the weather lately, I'm not even sure the snow will be gone by April 6th let alone be warm enough to work in the yard.  So, the interior of the house it is!  Of course, that means my progress in paying down the credit cards will go by the wayside...{sigh}.  April 7/09 - Well, 4 days into my holidays (counting the weekend) and I have yet to start tiling.  I still have 10 days to go, though...  April 16/09 - Well, this isn't going to happen during these holidays.  Oh, well...  ;)  April 19/09 - Oh, well - this will have to wait until I have the patience again... :)

4. Finish tiling the floor in the hallway
See #3.  :)  April 16/09 - See #3.

5. Finish tiling the floor in the bathroom
This one is a bit tricky, because I really want to redo the entire bathroom with new toilet, bathtub, sink before I do the floor.  At the very least, I need a new toilet...  :( 

6. Finish tiling the floor in the kitchen
If all goes well, this will get done in April, too..  April 7/09 - I'm starting this tomorrow.  No dental appointment; no medical appointment; no need to leave the house - I should be able to get this done tomorrow...grrrr...  April 16/09 - Almost done - just have to do the tiles along the walls - which means cutting.  Today was a lazy day, but I may get this done by the end of the weekend..  April 19/09 - FINISHED!!! as of  April 18/09.  Is it perfect?  No.  Professional?  No.  But it's DONE!!

7. Finish tiling the floor in the dining room
...as will this..  April 16/09 - see #6.  April 19/09 - See #6.  I'd do cartwheels if I knew how...and if I wasn't so lazy...

8. Finish tiling the floor in the attic
No need to go crazy - I only have two weeks!!  LOL

9. Finish yard clean up
Mar. 15ish/09 - Yeah, cause I choose to have hope that winter will someday END!!!  We were +8 yesterday; going back down to -9 this week...which is still better than the -34 we had last week.  I spoke with my sister on March 9th for her birthday, and she was telling me it was -47 with the windchill where she was.  Our -34 sounded positively balmy to her.  {sobs quietly for a moment}  So, -9 this week - not so bad - but please, dear God, SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE TURN UP THE HEAT!!!!   May 9/09 - Well, the weather is a bit warmer (it's been a whole TWO WEEKS without snow!!!); now I just need to get motivated enough to actually, you know, get outside and DO something.  Or not.  :(  May 14/09 - I jinxed it.  It snowed again on May 12th.  This weekend is supposed to be pretty nice, except I won't have time to work in the yard.  :(  If the weather will cooperate during the week, maybe I'll get something done during the week (but I wouldn't count on it...).  May 23/09 - Yes, it's spring in Alberta.  This week, we started with snow on Monday, and ended with +22 or so today.  It was awesome!  I was even wearing shorts and a tank top while I was - yes - working in the yard.  Still tons of work to do - but at least I got a start (and an idea...).  Yay!  June 15/09 - I'm hiring a handyman to do this work ("we are handymen, Earl.  We are Handy.  Men.")  He's coming on Saturday to discuss the details and hopefully get started.  YIPPEEEE!!!!   July 6/09 - This has been going soooo well.  The front yard is cleaned up and seeded with new grass, and the handyman is coming by on the weekend to build the patio.  Yay!!!  This is almost done...seriously, almost done..... {squeeeee!!!}  July 18/09 - DONE!!  Yippee!!!!   I'm so happy!!  It looks soooo much better than it did before....AWESOME!!!  :)

10. Sell house
Thank goodness I have 2+ years for this - maybe the economy will have improved by then.  Of course, if I lose my job (pretty remote possiblity at this point) then this will happen sooner (maybe).  May you be doomed to live in interesting times...

11. Go to Europe the year I turn 45 (2011)

12. Go to Manitoba to visit friends.

13. Go to BC to visit relatives.

14. Go home in June/09.
This one is a given, but a little more complicated than originally planned. My co-worker's wife is having a baby (due June 11th). Our family reunion is scheduled for June 13/14. I can't be gone while my co-worker is gone...so, the scheduling is going to take some thought. And I'm not going home for just 2 days!!! Too many people to see. I'll work it out, though.  I have approval from my current boss regarding the week in June - we're just going to hope the baby is on time so the branch has somebody there until I get backOfficial approval for the week in June asked for and received.  In writing.  Ha!  Now try and stop me!!  April 8/09 - I need to pay my sister this payday for the registration fee and the cookbook.  Next month I'll book the flight.  Then, I'm home for a week!!  April 30/09 - Paid the registration and cookbook fees; next month I start to look for cheap flights.  Yippee!!  If the weather cooperates, it's going to be a hell of a good time.  :)  Funnily enough, it will cost me less to fly home than it will to buy my glasses. (Of course, the glasses will last longer.  I hope.)  June 4/09 -I'm heading out on Tuesday.  YIPPEE!!  I do have to take the laptop in case my co-worker's wife has her baby early in the week, but I'll be mostly incommunicado once I head home.  On the upside, I can keep up with LiveJournal a little more easily if I have the laptop LOL.  June 15/09 - DONE.  Now, there's nothing left but the memories and the sunburn.  :)   

15. Go home for Christmas/09.

16. Write a newsletter to my siblings once a month.
Yeah, I really really need to start doing this.  I've been very hermit-like the last two months, though so any communication has been pretty difficult.  :( May 14/09 - I should probably change this one to:  communicate with my siblings once a month, and combine it with the "phone them" one.  My intent here was to actually write a newsletter about my life each month and send it to them; but my life is so boring (which is NOT a complaint!!).

17. Successfully complete NaNoWriMo 2009

18. Successfully complete NaNoWriMo 2010

19. Attend a writer’s retreat

20. Participate in a creative writing class

21. Attend one Jerichon
May 23/09 - This may not be doable - I don't know if Jerichons are still going on...I should probably change this to "attend one Jericho fan event".  :) 

22. Get a second kitty
April 16/09 - My brother's girlfriend asked me yesterday if I was ready for another kitten since a friend of hers is rescueing a mama kitty with six babies from the pound.  I told her I would likely be ready by the time the kittens are weaned...so, this may be happening in June sometime.  Or July, when I go out to their place for their housewarming party...  June 4/09 - a girl at work asked me if I would like a kitten, because she'll be rescuring four babies in the next couple of weeks.  I told her I'd let her know, because I'd promised to consider the first litter first...I can sense a three-kitty household in my future for some reason...

23. Have a new job.
Well, this may happen whether I like it or not.  Cutbacks are a-comin' folks.  I'm not exactly worried since I'm pretty sure I would find something if the worst case occurred.  No point getting my knickers in a twist until it's necessary.  May 9/09 - I'm fighting the urge to quit, declare bankruptcy and become a hermit in a cave somewhere.  Far away from people and responsibilities and work, work, work.  But that's just this week.  I'm sure I'll get over it...sooner or later...   

24. Complete the MDP program.
I have a course next week for this.  That makes two completed; have to check to see how many I would need to get my certificate...I think I need 19 days, so when this one is over, I'll have completed 5 days, I think.  Yay!  If I still have a job, I should be able to finish this in the next 2+ years.

25. Go to 45 movies by July 31, 2009 - 1/45  2/45  (3/45)  (4/45) (5/45)   (7/45)  (9/45)  FAIL.  :( 
I really need to get off my butt and go - I have free admission until July 31st, so really, it's just laziness. And there are movies I want to see!!  Well, it finally warmed up enough so I wouldn't mind walking six blocks at 9:00 p.m. - but I had no cash.  Now, I have cash, and the temperature has dropped like a rock again.  Grrr...ENOUGH WITH WINTER ALREADY!!!   March 23rd - went to see Taken, in which Liam Neeson kills many, many people - but looks damn fine doing it.  :)  Of course, if he had been a little brighter, the movie would have been much, much shorter...LOL  April 8/09 - Even though I'm on holidays now, I probably won't go to any movies until I'm back at work.  Sometimes I do wish I drove...May 14/09 - Well, I have to get off my ass and start going to the movies (starting next week).  I only have two months left to use my free tickets.  I have a feeling I'll be going to a lot of schlocky movies the next few weeks...  :)  May 23/09 - Starting Monday, I'm hitting the movie theatre.  Thankfully, almost every movie playing at the moment is one I wouldn't mind seeing.  May 25/09 - Went to see Star Trek - and it was awesome.  The cast chemistry wasn't quite as strong as the original, but then, really - what is?? It was funny, it was fun, it was action-packed, Kirk was a slut, and it was clever in how it set up future movies - who could ask for anything more?  I missed a line or two of dialogue because the ending made sense, but I obviously misunderstood the location (and that's all I'll say in case I spoil it for people).   All in all, two hours well spent.  :)  I won't be going again until Thursday nightt, and I may try to do a double-feature that night...hmmmm..  May 30/09 - Saw Night at the Museum - which was a pleasant enough way to spend an evening.  :)  June 4/09 - Went to see Up - what a blast!!  "I've only just met you and I love you - SQUIRREL!"  It was funny and sad and heartwarming and exciting and all the things a Pixar movie is supposed to be.  And the 3D effects flowed from the action of the movie rather than detracted from it, which was an extra Yay!   Definitely time well spent.  :)  June 19/09 - I went to see Land of the Lost last night, and I learned three things:  (1) The chick who played Chuck in Pushing Daisies has an English accent - who knew??  (2)  Will Farrell really doesn't impress me much, and (3) my tolerance level for schlock is really, really high, because I can honestly say I've seen movies I've enjoyed less.  LOL  June 25/09 - Well, this is going to be a fail - even though I may still succeed.  Let me explain:  I won 52 free movie tickets and I need to use them before July 31/09.  Sooo, this is going to be a fail, because I phrased the goal as "go to 45 movies" as opposed to "use all my free tickets before they expire".  Now, I could (theoretically) still make the goal, except that I have family coming to visit and I'm going to take them to the movies - which means, while I may use my tickets, I won't be seeing 45 movies.  :)  But at least the tickets won't have gone to waste.  :)  July 24/09 - Went to see The Proposal, which was okay but not awesomely great.  However, Sandra Bullock is always charming.  :)  I also saw the Transformers, but couldn't use my tickets (they changed the rules on me...grrrr...), and I saw Ice Age 3D, which again was fun, but not as much fun as I hoped.  Although the squirrel-like creature chasing that damn acorn is still freaking hilarious.  :)  But, sadly, this is a fail.  I'm going to see if I can give the tickets away next week at work, but...  :(  July 31/09 - Gave away 35 tickets, and let one go to waste.  I was going to go see Aliens in the Attic tonight, but it's Friday before a long weekend - I'm sorry.  I'm going home, and I'm not coming out again until Tuesday morning.  However, I did see The Hangover (which had its moments, and that lead actor has incredibly gorgeous eyes) and The Ugly Truth (which was freakin' HILARIOUS!!  That scene in the restaurant alone was worth the price of admission)

26. Complete an inventory of all my books
Starting this this weekend (March 21st).  I want to start finishing collections, but I've lost track of what I actually own...  March 25/09 - 4 shelves done (out of...30ish - cause I have books stored all over the place).   Count:  243.  April 7/09 - I've inventoried 3 and 3/5 bookcases; number is over 900, with 2 and 2/5 bookcases to go.  That's not counting the shelf with all my old textbooks from University...and then comes the fun part of rounding up strays...shouldn't be too many of them by now, I don't think...but you never know...if all goes well, I should be finished this task by the end of this month.  Yippee!!  That means I can go shopping for more!  LOL  April 16/09 - Haven't inventoried any more yet, but number is up to 964.  April 30/09 - Four bookcases down; two to go.  Don't know why I thought there were only five when there are six.  Well, the 6th one is mostly reference books and cookbooks (oh, like I COOK!!) but they should still be gone through.  Anyway, total is now up to 1012.

27. Complete an inventory of all my music

28. Complete an inventory of all my DVDs/VHS tapes
May 25/09 - Started this on May 24/09 - up to 50.  I'm currently in the process of reviewing all my VHS tapes and logging the TV shows/movies on those.  They don't really count for this, though, because I tape over them (unless there's a movie on them I want to keep).  I thinik I'll investigate DVRs in the next little while...  May 30/09 - Up to 54...

29. Buy the complete Babylon 5 series DVDs  (0/5)  (1/5)
March 25/09 - I've been reading some truly excellent B5 fanfic lately, and it's made me miss this show sooooo much.  Definitely become higher priority as time goes by... 

30. Buy the complete Get Smart series DVDs  (2/5) 
April 24/09 - Bought the first season yesterday!!  Squeeeee!!!!  May 9/09 - Bought season 2 on May 7th.  :)

31. Complete my X-Files series DVDs  (4/9) 
May 25/09 - My inventory is not complete yet, but I believe I have four seasons:  1, 4, 5 and 6.  So that leaves 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9 to get...  :)

32. Complete my West Wing Series DVDs  (2/7) 
May 25/09 - I own two seasons:  1 and 2.  So, that leaves 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 to get.

33. Complete an inventory of all my games

34. Complete my collection of Isaac Asimov books (written by him; fiction only)   (38/224)
March 25/09 - This will be a daunting task, considering how prolific he was.  I'm only in the 10s of books of his I own!! I've read most of them, but only own about a dozen (WHAT was I THINKING???  Oh, right - I was broke...)   April 16/09 - Well, I've expanded this to include all the collections of short stories he edited, since his science fiction output was really pretty small (only about 85 books or so).  So, currently (based on my incomplete inventory but including the books I haven't read yet, I have 38 out of 224 books.  Both numbers are subject to change since I have some books in my collection that didn't show up in the bibliography I found on the Internet.

35. Celebrate with my sister when she turns 50 in 2010

36. Go home for Christmas 2010

37. Buy the complete Scarecrow and Mrs. King series DVDs

38. Buy the complete Bones series DVDs (3/4) 
May 9/09 - Bought seasons 2 and 3 on May 7th.  So, I'm caught up for now (since season 4 is currently airing).  I won't cross this off until 2011, if I have all the available seasons at that point.

39. Buy the complete NCIS series DVDs  (1/6)
May 25/09 - I have season 1.  So, that leaves 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (I believe we're currently in season 6??) to get (and counting).

40. Finish my Betty Neels collection   (120/134)  (122/134)
March 28/09 - I've finished cataloguing all of my Betty Neels books - found a couple of duplicates - so, next step will be to compare against her bibliography, and find out what (if anything) I'm missing.  This one is a little sad, because she passed away in 2005, I think, so once I'm done, I'm done.  :(  April 16/09 - Actually, she passed away in 2001.  April 30/09 - Harlequin re-released two books I didn't have.  Yippee!!  :)

41. Go for a hot air balloon ride

42. Use the treadmill for .5 hour once a week
March 28/09 - well, I looked at it this weekend, and actually thought about taking the clothes off of it.  Does that count as progress??  LOL

43. Go for a physical every year

44. Find a doctor
April 7/09 - Well, I won't say I found a doctor - but I went to a doctor today.  The dentist yesterday noted something odd in my x-rays, and suggested I get it checked out.  Sooooo that was my day today.  Sitting in the medicentre for about 1.5 hours in order to see the doctor for 5 - maybe 10 - minutes.  Then I went for x-rays which was very amusing and included seeing a prisoner in chains escorted by two cops going for an x-ray (I'll bet there's a story there...).  I go back next week to look at the x-rays and hear the results.  {twirls finger in air} Whoop.  De.  Doo.  I hate going to the doctor almost as much as I hate going to the dentist.  And now twice in a week...  :(  April 16/09 - Went to the doctor yesterday; nothing unusual in the x-rays. He's given me a nasal spray to try and I go back in four weeks for more (if it helps) or to try something else if it doesn't.   Perennial allergic rhinitis - which is just the $10 phrase for "allergic reaction all the time" LOL.  I don't really want to use the spray (cortisone)(and I don't like taking drugs) but if it provides some relief and if the relief lasts, then I guess I can live with it...I guess...  :(  May 14/09 - I have to go back to the doctor next week because of the nasal spray I've been using (to check progress and to perhaps get a prescription for it).  I'm also going to ask for something to help with my periods.  I called in sick again today, and seriously - that has GOT to STOP.  So, I'm going to ask for something to ease the pain and the nausea - and hopefully something that won't make me stoned out of my mind and/or sleeping in five minutes.   GOD, I look forward to menopause!!! 

45. Make a will

46. Make a living will

47. Clean house once a week
Well, I'm cleaning more than I have been, so, making progress.  Once again, making progress.  I actually had almost all my dishes washed at one point this week!!  LOL   March 25/09 - Okay, not so good this month.  But the thought is there...that's gotta count for something!!  :)   April 7/09 - Okay, part of my holidays is to get the house to a point where I can clean once a week and have it make a difference.  I have a list of each room, and all the things that need to happen in most of those rooms.  :)  And, starting tomorrow, I'm going to start knocking things off that list.  I love holidays!  :April 24/09 - We-e-e-ellll...we won't actually talk about this one lately...we'll keep plugging away until this becomes a reality....  April 30/09 - Desperately avoiding eye contact...moving on...  June 15/09 - I now have incentive.  I have guests arriving on June 25th/26th - MUST.  CLEAN.  HOUSE.

48. Do laundry once a week
Again, doing laundry more often than I have been, so making progress.  I slacked on this last week.  This is a holiday weekend though, so I'm going to get caught up before I go back to work on Tuesday.  March 25/09 - See #47...  :(   April 30/09 - *cough*...still moving on...

49. Make at least one new off-line friend in 2009

50. Make at least one new off-line friend in 2010

51. Make at least one new off-line friend in 2011

52. Think at least once about dating. Seriously consider thinking about it, anyway.
Mar. 25/09 - Well, I've decided that I would like to have sex again at least once more before I die.  I think that meets the "seriously consider thinking about it" part - LOL.  Otherwise, the thought of dating just makes me tired...hmmm...not sure if I should strike this off or not...hmmmmm...May 9/09 - Oh, lordy.  I'm so sick of people at the moment  that the thought of dating makes me puke.  You know, I think I'll strike this one out, because I've thought about it.  And the answer is still no.  Atlhough I would like to have sex again it's not worth all the shit that goes along with it.  I do miss male friends, though...but that's another goal, I think.  Oh, well.  DONE, as far as I'm concerned. 

53. Actually get stuff out of my house.

54. Keep the spare room clean and ready for guests
Now that my unread books have been inventoried and boxed/shelved neatly-ish in the spare room, I can start to get this completed (as I again have room in my livingroom to hold stuff while I sort through it all).  Mar. 25/09 - Well, now all my clothes are on the spare bed...{sigh}.  But at least you can sleep on those if you have to...(and yes, my house is very casual; you wouldn't survive otherwise...)  June 15/09 - See #47, although only one sister will be staying in my house; it would be helpful to have the spare room ready, just in case.  :) 

55. Find a way to make some extra money every month.
Mar. 28/09 - Staying out of the casino may actually meet this criterion.  LOL  April 30/09 - Well, I got a raise.  Does that count??  May 25/09 - Well, I may (or may not) be getting a "promotion"-ish type job change.  Don't know for sure yet - I guess I'll find out next month....

56. Phone each of my siblings once a month.

57. Plan my 2011 trip to Europe.

58. Buy an SAD lamp.
Boy, I needed THIS the last month. Cold. Grey. Grey. Cold. Thank God the cold snap ended when it did otherwise I would have been breaking furniture. With my teeth. I'm still struggling, but it doesn't seem so bad when the sky is blue and sun is shining. I will still get one - would be interesting to see if it will actually help (even if I only think it helps, it'll help).

59. Type up all the fanfic I've written so far

60. Post stories that are actually finished.
My problem is that I write too much, too fast., so I feel like I'm spamming the LJ community that is my focus. I think I may get them on LJ as "private" and then "release" them once a week or something.

61. Go to the dentist
Well, this one has forced itself upon me.  A tooth broke (thankfully the one that had the root canal done on it, so there's no pain), so I can't put this off anymore!  I go for a cleaning on the 23rd of March, then to get the tooth pulled on April 6th.  During the second visit, I also expect x-rays and then a series of visits to take care of all the fillings I probably need.  Sigh.  I hate dentists.  But if I have to go, then I'm going to get everything done at the same time.  And then I can ignore dentists again until I'm forced to go.  :(  Mar. 28/09 - My Mar. 23 appointment got changed to March 30th, as the hygienist I was supposed to see was called away because his wife was having a baby (how inconvenient!  LOL).  So, now, barring another baby, March 30th it is.  The sad part about April 6th is that it's the first day of my holidays, and I get to go to the dentist.  Whoo.  Hoo.  April 7/09 - Second trip done.  Three more to go - at least until we find out if a crown is covered under my insurance.  :)  I think I'll leave the "put you to sleep in order to extract the wisdom teeth" bit until it's actually needed.  Anytime somebody mentions "cutting into the bone" I get the willies.  Ick!  And if I'm not in any pain, then why the hell do it??? {uugggh}   May 14/09 - Well, next visit down, one to go.  I'll be discussing the possibility of a crown on the 20th (which is currently my final appointment).  Because the tooth broke right at the gumline, I think the crown may also require surgery, but I'll be confirming that on Tuesday.  If so, it will just have to wait.    May 25/09 - Visits completed on May 20th.  He wants to do the crown, but that may require surgery; he won't know for sure until he actually starts working on it.  I've put it on hold for now - I still need to get my glasses AND get home this month - and if there's surgery, then I would guess the $1000 estimate for the crown will go out the window.  Sooooo - the crown may have to wait until my benefits are back up to the maximum limit again next year.

62. Take a cooking class

63. Cook a full meal once a week

64. Bring lunch to work at least once a week

65. Find and participate in at least one singles-only event (trip; physical activity, etc.)

66. Type up my mother's notes/memoirs and make books for the family
I have to get all my mother's notes before I can work on this, really.  I have some - random pieces of paper with notes on them - but I think my youngest brother actually has the majority of her notes.  When I'm home in June, I'll have to ask him for them.  I would like to put a book together as a Christmas present for everybody this year.

67. Practice random acts of kindness

68. Accept random acts of kindness

69. Respond to e-mails every Saturday (in between loads of laundry)

70. Write one non-fiction book.

71. Write one fiction novel (original characters)

72. Do all the tourist things in Edmonton at least once

73. Only go to the casino when my sisters are in town (or I'm in their towns)
So far so good - haven't been to the casino yet this year. Yay! That will help with goal #1. :)   As of February 28/09 - so far, so good.  Yes!!  Although it was VERY tempting this month...The temptation is strong, but as of March 28th - I have not set foot in a casino yet this year.  Yay!!  April 7/09 - So far, so good.  And yes, the temptation is strong...especially after a bad day at work...  April 30/09 - No casino this month either.  Yay!!  I'll go in June when I'm home (cause my sisters will likely want to go).  Then, one sister will be here at the end of June, so I'll probably go then, too.  But then not again until December, when I go home for Christmas.  May 9/09 - Well, I went to the casino on May 8th.  My luck is the same (bad), and the games are still the same (bo-o-o-ring), so...we'll restart the clock and try again.  I will be going in June, but that's because I'll be with my sisters.  And they may not want to go (you never know...).  June 15/09 - Went to the casino in Moose Jaw (twice) and in Yorkton.  When my sister and cousins show up later this month, I'll be going here, but then I shouldn't be going again until my other sister shows up in August...and then I'll be done until Christmas.  PHEW!!  July 25/09 - Yes, went to the casino many times while my sister and cousins were here - but they left around the 5th of July, I think, and I haven't gone since.  *feels proud*.  My other sister is going to be here on August 13th, so we'll probably go while she's here - then I just have to hold out until Christmas.  (WE CAN DO IT!). 

74. Read all of the Discworld novels again. In order. Again.

75. Complete my Cary Grant movie collection.  (3/72) 
This may be easier said than done, since I'm not even sure if all his movies are available for purchase.  Well, I'll do my best (the sacrifices I'm willing to make for this project!!)  June 15/09 - I'm only counting those that I have on DVD/VHS - not those I've taped off TV.  I may change this count, because - really - even Cary Grant made some stinkers (Monkey Business, anyone??)  We'll see what I end up with once I've completed #76.  :)

76. Rewatch all the Cary Grant movies at least once   (2/72)
June 15/09 - While going through my VHS tapes - stuff I taped off of TV - I came across 2 of his movies - Mr. Lucky and Bringing Up Baby.   Some of these will be watched many times before Mission101 is over, while others will be watched once.  :)   I'll need to make a list of those I've watched and those I still need to watch...

77. Get a library card
June 15/09 - I need to do this, because it will help with #76. 

78. Rent movies at least one weekend a month 

79. Go to the movies at least once a month (after July 2009) 
July 24/09 - Okay, so I'm going to try to time this around my paycheques (d'uh!  See goal #1...), so I'm planning on going every month around the 15th.  Of course, I suspect this will go to hell in a handbasket once the temperature drops below -20 degrees again, but I'm willing to give it my best shot.  I suppose I could cheat, and just count the months left and use that as my goal (doesn't have to be each month).  Except the point of this goal was to, oh, I don't know...maybe...GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!   And not go to a casino.  I make myself tired, sometimes, I really do. 

80. Feed my pen fetish as often as possible.

81. Feed my shoe fetish as often as possible.
Mar. 28/09 - Monday is payday, and I'm desperately want a new pair of shoes.   I was looking at some on Friday, and droooooling...guh!!!  There are some really, really cute shoes out right now...must...buy...some... April 30/09 - Oh, maaaaannnn - I saw some cute, cute, cheap shoes.  I forced myself to walk out because I needed to price out my glasses...(sobs quietly) They were so CUTE!!  And cheap!!!  I could buy two or three pairs for what I would normally pay for one!!  I'm sure I can find the money somewhere... (sobs again)...May 9/09 - Bought four (!) pairs of shoes this week.  It was almost better than sex...  ;)  And they're gorgeous...If I ever figure out how to get pictures off my phone, I'll have to post pictures of them.

82. Feed my phone fetish as often as possible.

83. Buy a china cabinet for my grandmother's china
May 9/09 - Went to an auction sale on May 6th, but the cabinets went way too high way too fast.  Oh, well.  We'll keep trying.  Besides, I'm not ready to add furniture to the place yet....I'm working on that this weekend.

84. Figure out a way to display the old lanterns, phones and other things I have

85. Buy a dress mannequin for my grandmother's wedding dress

86. Replace the furnace in the house (if I don't sell the house in 2009)
Mar. 28/09 - Looks like I may get my bonus this year after all.  If that happens, I'm going to be shopping for a new furnace.  Yippee!!  And you would think they'd be a little cheaper in July, right???  June 15/09 - Sadly, my neighbours built a fence, and I need to get my yard work done - so...not going to happen this year.  :(

87. Study the Tarot cards again
Well this one is going to be cool. I stumbled upon an LJ community called 78_Tarot. So, I'm going to write fanfic using the Tarot cards as inspiration/prompts. Now, how cool is that?? I don't know if they're accepting new members or if they're active, but even if they don't/aren't I'm going to do it anyway (with proper credit given to that community, of course). Should be a lot of fun. My current plot bunny is still going strong, though, so this will be something I do when that plot bunny needs a rest.

88. Write to friends at least once every two months   
89. Buy my friend a wedding present before her first anniversary (!)
June 15/09 - DONE!  Saw her this weekend and bought her two candles and a set of tea towels.  Not very imaginative, I know - but what do you get somebody who gets married when she's 40???  And she's also fairly domestic.  Well, more domestic than me!  So, tacky wedding present it is - but then, I'm tacky, too.  LOL

90. Write at least one fan letter to an actor or TV show I'm really enjoying

91. Provide feedback or comments on fanfics I really like.
I'm really working on this. I've commented on fanfics that I've enjoyed, even if I have no knowledge of the fandom or the writer. I'm now going to see if I can find episodes of Psych, just because the following fanfic was so awesome. (Warning: this is slash, so if you really dislike that sort of thing, do not read:
http://xela-fic.livejournal.com/67822.html )   I've been doing this!  I think I may keep track of the fics I make comments on in a different post so I can recommend them to others.  And that way, I can also remember which authors I should keep an eye out for (because I don't think to write them down all the time).  I have been doing this, and I've found some new authors I really like.  I don't know the fandoms they're writing in, but good fic is good fic, and of course I can always give their fandoms a try.  April 30/09 - I'm about a week behind...but doing my best.  :) 

92. Respond to feedback and comments on fanfics I write and post
Doing my best. I don't think I have any outstanding comments, except for those on fanfiction.net and I just can't figure out how that site works...I've used the "respond to review" link but I have no idea if it went through.   Mar. 28/09 - I'm still a little behind at the moment, but I should get caught up this weekend, though)  April 30/09 - I'm about two weeks behind - I'm going to see if I can get caught up this weekend.

93. Buy a Wii

94. Buy a big(gish) screen TV
May 14/09 - A big(gish) screen TV was for sale at an auction (it looked like a 40" ?? or so).  Went for $75.  If I only had room for it; and if I only had cable in the livingroom... 

95. Upgrade VCR and DVD players
May 25/09 - I think I'll check out DVRs shortly...

96. Go shopping at least once a month - whether I need to or not  
April 24/09 - I went shopping yesterday - not for long, mind you, and I didn't try any clothes on, but oooooohhhhh there are some cute skirts and dresses out right now....plus I bought a book, and season 1 of Get Smart, and also the DVD of Caprica (I hope I like the show and that Esai Morales is in it a lot, otherwise, I'll be pissed...unless Esai takes off his clothes...then I'll be happy... (why yes, I'm shallow, why do you ask???) 

97. Go to Craven in Saskatchewan at least once

98. Go to at least one concert in Edmonton

99. Complete my Jimmy Buffett collection

100. Complete my Five for Fighting collection

101. Create a Things to Do Before I Die list.
Started. I have 3 things on it so far. LOL  April 7/09 - Up to 5 LOL.  I have thought of two more things, but I'm not sure if they should be listed as 2 things, or 50 (visit every state in the United States at least once), and 13 things (visit every province and territory in Canada at least once).  I think they should all be listed separately, to keep track of what's been done and what hasn't....(although the thought of visiting Nunavut doesn't really thrill me much - except for the ability to say "I did that".  :)  ) 

7 / 101 Things crossed off. 7% crossed off!


( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
Dec. 31st, 2008 11:03 pm (UTC)
This is the best 'To Do' list ever. :) I hope you accomplish each and every one! Quite a few are on my own 'to do' list. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you have a good evening. You've still got a few more hours than I do, but I for one will be a little sad to see this year end.
Dec. 31st, 2008 11:24 pm (UTC)
LOL - thanks! I only saw the community today, so that's what I came up with in about 2 hours (I'm avoiding work *cough*). :)

Happy New Year to you, too! And thank you!! I hope you have a good, safe and happy evening. I usually have a quiet New Year's Eve with a bottle of wine and my cat(s) - but I over-imbibed on wine on Sunday night, so no alcohol for me tonight (ugh - ick - yuck).

I have mixed emotions about the year ending. I'm glad to see it go but more because of things that happened to other people than to me. But I always find New Year's Eve to be such a hopeful thing - a chance to say good-bye, and hello, all at the same time. :)

So, here's to saying good-bye to the good, the bad and the ugly that was 2008, and here's to saying hello to 2009 - whatever it may hold. LOL
Jan. 1st, 2009 08:28 am (UTC)
Ya know, I love avoiding work. And chores. And not playing on the computer. lol, Queen of Procrastination, right here.

I can't do wine. Lol, I'm always saying what I can't do. It goes *straight* to my head. I'm definitly a beer girl, but to be fair my bar has thirty beers on tap and only two of them are nationally distributed. Beer snob is more like it. Yay for cats! I love cats :)

I had a crap 2008, but so many awesome things happened! Like really getting in to Jericho and finding b_h and of course you :) who is awesome p.s. There were a bunch of other interesting things that happened in 2008, which is why I'll miss it, but I hope 2009 can fill some big shoes :)

Here's to! *cheers*
Jan. 1st, 2009 10:17 pm (UTC)
I love avoiding work, too, but I always seem to get caught at it. :) So, New Year's Resolution: maybe do less work avoidance while at work. Or not. LOL

Wine and I have a love/hate relationship. The problem is that I am either in control, or else I'm waking up saying "the last thing I remember is..." but there's no transitional moment in which I can say "hey, maybe I should stop now". And the hangover lasts forever. It's been 4 days, and I'm still shuddering at the thought of alcohol of any kind.

And yes, 2009 has a lot of big shoes to fill. Thanks for saying I'm awesome - *blush* - so are you. :) We have a great little community here, and I hope we grow it a bit in 2009. Even if we don't, I'm looking forward to updates and new fics from everybody who is here. (was that too blatant of a hint, do you think??) ;)

Hope you're having a great day.

Mar. 4th, 2009 05:06 pm (UTC)
#2 is my favorite and I stold it for my list.

I bet I have that many books around my house too.

It will take me more that 2.5 years to re read everything if I keep them all.

And so far I have been buying and reading new books :)
Mar. 5th, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
#2 is my favorite and I stold it for my list.

Yay! Glad to know I'm not the only one with unread books lying around the house.

Oh, and this total is just the number of books I haven't read yet.

I also have 6 bookcases (or so) with books I have read...so, stay tuned for the total when I finally get my inventory completed! (Problem? What problem? I don't see a problem here... :) ).

Oh, and I love your icon!!
Jun. 2nd, 2009 07:08 pm (UTC)
this is just amazing. and so inspiring.
your life sounds so complex and intricate with so much in it, it really does. you must also have a pretty big house to store all those books in!

you are making fab progress :)
Jun. 5th, 2009 03:27 am (UTC)
Thank you for the kind words! My life is really very simple and boring (don't let all the pretty colours fool you! LOL ).

As for my house, it's a three bedroom, basement-less bungalow. My livingroom is my library (7 bookcases) while the unread books are boxed up and in my spare room. We won't talk about the books scattered around the house. Books just make me feel so...comfortable, I guess. :)

you are making fab progress :)

Thank you!! I'm enjoy the process a lot, and it's been a lot of fun.

I've just checked out your list journal, and it doesn't look like you've updated in awhile?? How are you doing with your Mission 101?
( 8 comments — Leave a comment )



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