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I listened to a lot of music while I was writing this thing; but the two CDs that were on constant repeat were Jimmy Buffett's "Take the Weather With You" and the Barenaked Ladies' "Maroon". Both are amazing!

I actually had a different soundtrack for every episode (this was envisioned to be a 13-episode mini-series after all), but I've winnowed it down to a soundtrack of 20 songs.

Most of it is old and country - listen at your own risk! :D And yes, a lot of repeat artists; what can I say? These are just some of the songs that really got me in the mood to write this story.

1. Standing on the Edge of Good-bye - John Berry
"I can't eat,and I can't sleep.
Sometimes I find it hard to breathe.
I break down and cry, Not knowing why
Now I can't lie:
I'm standing on the edge of good-bye."

2. Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies
It's like a dream you try to remember
But it's gone
Then you try to scream
But it only comes out as a yawn
When you try to see the world
Beyond your front door

3. Human Touch - Rick Springfield
You know, I got my walls, Sally calls them prison cells
Sometimes I need protection, I've got the chains
I got the warning bells
I sit so snug and isolated alone in the modern world

4. Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On - Jimmy Buffett
According to my watch the time is now
The past is dead and gone
Don't try to shake it just nod your head
Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On

5. 100 Years - Five for Fighting
I'm forty-five for a moment
The sea is high
And I'm heading into a crisis
Chasing the years of my life

6. Dust on the Bottle - David Lee Murphy
There might be a little dust on the bottle
But don't let it fool ya about what's inside
There might be a little dust on the bottle
It's one of those things that gets sweeter with time

7. Summerzcool - Jimmy Buffett
Bust your ass to get a good life
You make a habit out of overtime
When the big report card comes
Your priorities are way out of line.

8. The Riddle - Five for Fighting
There are secrets that we still have left to find
There have been mysteries from the beginning of time
There are answers we're not wise enough to see
He said... You looking for a clue I Love You free...

9. Nothing but a Breeze - Jimmy Buffett
Life is just too short for some folks
For other folks it just drags on
Some folks like the taste of smokey whiskey
Others figure tea is too strong

10. Let It Go - Zac Brown Band
You keep your heart above your head and your eyes wide open
So this world can't find a way to leave you cold
And know you're not the only ship out on the ocean
Save your strength for things that you can change
Forgive the ones you can't - you gotta let it go

11. Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw
And he said: "I went sky diving, I went rocky mountain climbing,
I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu.
And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter,
And I gave forgiveness I'd been denying."

12. Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band
Gonna put the the world away for a minute
Pretend I don't live in it
Sunshine gonna wash my blues away
Had sweet love but I lost it
She got too close so I fought her
Now I'm lost in the world trying to find me a better way

13. Life Short, Call Now - Jimmy Buffett
Got no city, got no land
Got no lover, got no wife
How many ways to say goodbye
Can one man fit in a nomad life?

14. Colder Weather - Zac Brown Band
He said I wanna see you again
But I'm stuck in colder weather
Maybe tomorrow will be better - Can I call you then?
She said you're ramblin' man
You ain't ever gonna change
You gotta gypsy soul to blame and you were born for leavin'

15. Tonight I Just Need My Guitar - Jimmy Buffett
Sometimes more than others
You see who and what and where you are
I'm a one-man band with no immediate plans
Tonight I just need my guitar

16. Take the Weather With You - Jimmy Buffett
Walking around the room singing
Stormy weather at 57 Mount Pleasant Street
Now its the same room but everything's different
You can fight the sleep but not the dream

17. You're My Home - Billy Joel
Home could be the Pennsylvania turnpike
Indiana's early morning dew
high up in the hills of California
home is just another word for you.

18. A Change of Days - Smith's Cloud
So come on all you people it ain’t hard for you to know
Celebrate in all the things you say
The part where everything is safe or explodes
And we’ll call it a Change of days

19. No Hurry - Zac Brown Band
Ain't in no hurry, I'd be a fool now to worry
About all those things I can't change
And the time that I borrow can wait till tomorrow
'Cause I ain't in no hurry, ain't in no hurry, ain't in no hurry today

20. Chances - Five for Fighting
Chances are we´ll find two destinations
Chances roll away from me
Still chances are more than expectations
The possibilities

The link takes you to my playlist on YouTube.  You should be able to play any single song you want, or play them all in the playlist.  DISCLAIMER: I have nothing to do with any of the videos in the playlist. I've tried to watch every one but there may be images that some may find offensive. Please use at your own discretion.



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"All right," said Susan. "I'm not stupid. You're saying humans need...fantasies to make life bearable."


"Tooth fairies? Hogfathers? Little --"


"So we can believe the big ones?"


-- Susan and Death in Hogfather by Terry Pratchett


"And no practical definition of freedom would be complete without the freedom to take the consequences. Indeed, it is the freedom upon which all the others are based."

-- Lord Vetinari in Going Postal by Terry Pratchett


They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library.

-- Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett


As a wizard, it was something that Ponder had only before encountered in acorns: a tiny soundless voice which said, yes, I am but a small, green, simple object - but I dream about forests.

-- Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett


In the 24th century, there will be no hunger. There will be no greed. And every child will know how to read.

-- Gene Roddenberry, as repeated by Jonathan Frakes in the documentary How William Shatner Changed the World


We've got two lives, one we're given and the other one we make
And the world won't stop, and actions speak louder
Listen to your heart, and what your heart might say
Everything we got, we got the hard way.

-- Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Hard Way from the album Come On, Come On


Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want.

-- John Mayer, Waiting on the World to Change from the album Continuum


Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, "I'll try again tomorrow."

-- Mary Anne Radmacher, as seen in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Tales to Inspire


I never loved the soldier
Until there was a war.
Or thought about tomorrow
'til my baby hit the floor.
I only talk to God
When somebody's about to die.
I never cherished freedom
Freedom never cries.

-- Five for Fighting, Freedom Never Cries from the album Two Lights


It may sound absurd: but don't be naive
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed: but won't you concede
Even heroes have the right to dream

-- Five for Fighting, Superman (It's Not Easy) from the album American Town


Had a dream last night took a time travellin' ride
Back to my childhood where those monsters reside
They snack on innocence and dine on self-esteem
But I like to be in touch with what makes me scream
Vampires, mummies and the Holy Ghost
These are the things that terrify me the most.
No alien, psychopath or MTV host
Scares me like vampires,mummies and the Holy Ghost.

-- Jimmy Buffett, Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost from the album Fruitcakes


"I want to believe that... the dead are not lost to us. That they speak to us... as part of something greater than us - greater than any alien force. And if you and I are powerless now, I want to believe that if we listen, to what's speaking, it can give us the power to save ourselves."

-- Fox Mulder, The X-Files from the episode The Truth, pt. 2
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