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Bunny Cage #1

Just a list of a-a-a-all the various plot bunnies that are hopping around my brain.  I better note them down before they run away...(listed in no particular order)

Bunny Cage #2

1.  Robert Downey Jr./Whoopi Goldberg/Morgan Freeman/Lennie James
2.  Pepper’s story during Every Purpose Under Heaven
3.  Missing scenes from Every Purpose Under Heaven
4.  A Different Light
5.  Aliens, Ghosts (novelization)
6.  Historian’s Daughter (finish)
7.  Meggie’s Story
8.  A Life Less Ordinary (FINAL!!) Here it is on Amazon - WHOO!!
9.  A Year in the Life
10.  Real Life
11.  Oasis
12.  Lost Sheep
13.  New Jericho Fic (I need HECK!!)
14.  Nick/Dulcie (Destruction/Survival/Recovery)
15.  Youthful Indiscretions
16.  I.D.
17.  Tony Stark does not love easily, but he does love well - Proof (that Tony Stark has a heart)
18.  sfxpromptbang; - Clementine - Link goes to the Master Post

19.  apocalypsebang- Noah's Ark (working title) Now called Plugs.  Link goes to the Master Post.

20.  A Better Man (and strong) - Haven fic nbsp; A Better Man (and strong)

21.  It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Stark - Iron Man fic
22.  Iron Man/Avengers fic - "You may not be a threat, but you better stop pretending to be a hero."
23.  Iron Man/Avengers fic - may be the same as #22 but may not - Pepper watches.
24.  Nathan & Duke & the tattoo, oh my! - Haven fic

25.  Tony really was the only one who did the reading.  - Avengers nbsp; Homework nbsp;

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