shirleyann66 (shirleyann66) wrote,

Bunny Cage #2

Told you there are a lo-o-o-o-t of bunnies hopping around my head.

Bunny Cage #1 is here.

26.  Haven - Beginnings - Now being written for scifibigbang, if I can make it long enough!  LOL Whoops...ended up dropping out of this BigBang, but this fic is still percolating in my head.  :D  Although now the working title is Tuwiuwok 1659.  I think it's just been Joss'd by Season 4 (WHICH I DON'T GET UNTIL DECEMBER!!!  WHY, SHOWCASE, WHYYYYYY???)(*ahem*) but I'm going to go with it anyway.  :D

27.  Creatures of Darkness Wrapped in Light - I have no fucking clue what this will be or who it will be about, but oh, my God, what a title!!!!  (Right now I'm thinking of a Castle fic for it...DAMN YOU, NATHAN FILLION!!! :P ).

28.  Along Came Jones - starring Nathan Fillion.  (DAMN YOU x 2). I'm hoping this will be my second published novel...if I can make it good enough - LOL.

(Yeah, okay, only one at the moment.  There'll be more.  They multiple like...well...bunnies.  :D )

Tags: bunny cage
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