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Need some advice...

I'm waiting for my proof copy from CreateSpace to arrive for A Life Less Ordinary.  After a two-day struggle, I had to admit defeat and change the cover from the Kindle edition.  Not that I was overly thrilled with the original cover (I'm not artistic at all, unfortunately), I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the current one either (see under the cut).  *sighs*

Anyway:  my request for advice is two-fold:

1.  Here's the current cover.  What do you, my awesome and creative friends-list, think of it (especially those who have read the book or the first version of it here on LJ (now f-locked))?  I think it's pretty, and I like the angled printing and the pages, etc., but I'm not sure the picture/overall feel of the thing really captures the mood/themes of the book...not to mention there isn't a flower mentioned in the book...AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! (Although Manny's real name IS Rose, and her sister IS Daisy...LOL - okay, that's kinda funny now that I think of it... :D ).  But I digress...

The one thing I really like a lot is my publishing company's imprint.  :D  I wish I could remember how I got the colours - LOL.

2.  Has anyone heard of a site called Crowdspring?  If yes, what's been your experience with it or what have you heard about it?  I think I may give it a try in the hopes of getting something that matches the mood/theme of the book more closely.  :( 

Any input/impressions/comments/etc. will be greatly appreciated!!

In the meantime, I'm waiting for my hard-copy proof of the book to arrive next week.  I paid extra for priority post because my real concern is the quality of the hard copy...if it's not good quality then I'm going to have to reconsider my options...

(Did I remember to say AAARRRGGGHHHH??  :D )

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