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Book cover take 2

Based on initial feedback (which helped articulate why I was unsure about the cover), I made some changes (what I could considering it's a template).  So, under the cut are the new version and the old version for comparison purposes.  :)

1.  New Version(s) a & b:

Version A:

BookCoverPreview feb 10 13

Version B:
BookCoverPreview feb 11 13

2.  Old Version

I think the new version does capture the mood/theme/type of story better (although I do love the cool old-paper motif...if only they were writing paper letters!!! LOL).  I also really like the wonky angles of the text...  :)  As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!!

ETA additional new cover.  :)
Tags: life less ordinary, lwp inc, random update
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