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It's been awhile... :)

I've just come off a Castle binge:  four seasons in under a week.  O.o  I feel like I need an intervention and I'm going into withdrawal (what do I watch no-o-o-o-w!?!?)

What have I learned?  Well:

1.  Nathan Fillion is freakin' adorkable.

2.  It's way funnier than I expected it to be.

3.  I don't really see the same chemistry between Castle/Beckett as everyone else...but I'm invested anyway.  I want these two crazy kids to make it (d'awwwww).

4.  Nathan is a really big guy - I mean, tall and broad.  There was one scene where he's walking down the hall with Ryan and Esposito and I swear, he looked like he was twice as wide as they are.  Granted, it could be the wardrobe...but damn.  (For the record, I love tall men with broad shoulders.)

5.  Ryan and Esposito?  Gold.  OMG.

6.  Martha?  Same.

7.  I love Alexis/Castle's relationship.  D'awwwwww x 2.

8.  I really like watching a series like this (okay, the binge-part of it is a bit over the top, but still).  I find it's a whole different experience when you can see all the episodes immediately after each other.  You can really see the plot lines/connections.  Season 3 was sooo filled with anvils about the season finale but I don't think I would have made the connections if I had watched "live".

9.  All the sci fi references, the soap opera references, other references:  LOVE 'EM!!  And I appreciate the fact that even as they're poking fun, they're also (at their core) respectful.

10.  Am I the only one who thinks Castle is a really insecure, hurt little boy inside?  Just me?  Okay...

So, yeah.  Another series to love.  :)  It's worth the marathon-watching-hangover.  (And did I mention Nathan Fillion is freakin' adorkable??  :P)
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