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Random Update

*Pokes head out; looks around*

Hi all!

Just a very quick post in the four minutes I have until I have to go back to work.  :)

- Sorry for being MIA; I do pledge to get back into fandom because I MISS IT!!!  LOL
- I see comments from August (!?) - I will be responding, I swear!!
- Work - I'm having fun more than 50% of the time; what more can you ask?
- Next book:  Along Came Jones is like wading through knee-high molasses in January.  Writing it, I mean.  Hopefully it reads much better than that - LOL!!  I was posting the chapters here, but had to re-write all of chapter three, which then rippled through the rest of the book, and...yeah.  I got the first draft done (FINALLY!!) in August; am in the midst of the first edit, and I need to rewrite a ton of stuff (characters without real purpose; plot threads dropped without going anywhere; etc.  I know that's true to real life, but not so good in a novel - LOL).  Anyway, the main problem is there are about three different stories (possibly four) that are trying to be told, all with very different tones, so I really need to pick one.  I love the thing to bits, but OMG.  I think I'll have to sit down this week and come up with a soundtrack, because that really helped me with A Life Less Ordinary, and now I'm like Pavlov's dog:  as soon as I hear that particular sequence of songs, I'm right back in that universe.
- Journeystory - Haven/Castle crossover FTW!!!

Argh.  Gotta go; it's after 1:00 p.m. here, and people would probably like me to earn my pay.  :)

The Walls (come tumblin' tumblin') - 1/1 - Haven fic

Title: The Walls (come tumblin' tumblin')
Fandom: Haven
Relationship(s)/Characters: Gen, although past Nathan/Audrey; Mara
Word Count: 2,393
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for season 4, especially the finale, like whoa!  :)  Otherwise, no warnings.
Disclaimers: In case you're wondering:  I don't own Haven.  I wish I did.  Oh, God, I wish I did!  Or at least a Nathan of my very own. ;D

A/N: Think of this as being the season 5 finale - LOL.  Title comes from Crumblin' Down by John Cougar Mellencamp.

Unbeta'd, all mistakes are my own.


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Full face Tony

Anybody else watching Almost Human??

Because I'm seriously distracted by Karl Urban...and I don't care.  LOL

I really love the show; it has some of the funniest/unexpected dialogue I've seen on network TV in a while.  Michael Ealy's pretty nice eye candy, but Karl Urban has these arms, and long legs, and that faaaccceee.....

...erm....*looks around guiltily*

Moving's not a perfect show (is there anything that's perfect?) and I'm seriously shipping Kennex/Maldonado instead of (what appears to be) the OTP of Kennex.Stahl (I guess that's what fanfic is for - LOL), but I'm really intrigued by the worldbuilding, and I wonder just how dystopian it's really going to get...

I also just discovered Sleepy Hollow.  O.O  Not sure of the actors' names yet, but the guy who plays Ichabod Crane has some seriously gorgeous eyes.  I'm also really intrigued by the story - I've only seen Ep 2 and the fall finale, so I have a pretty big gap in my knowledge (LOL) so now I have to figure out how to see the previous eps.

Anybody out there watching either of these shows??? 

Haven Eps 4.02 and 4.03

Thoughts...I has them...although, as always, in no particular order.  :D

[Ep 4.02 & 4.03 thoughts]Ep 4.02 - Survivors
- I felt really bad for the Troubled-Person-Of-The-Week.  That's a heavy load to bear.  :(
- I really love Jennifer.  Maybe because she's so cute she actually manages to push my very minimal maternal-instincts-buttons.  I really just want to get her the hell out of Haven before she goes the way of all the other women who get too close to the OT3.  LOL
- Duke's story about the Troubled kid who broke his arm:  "I carried him to the hospital.  Then I went back to sledding.  It was a good day."  Bwah!  Perfect analogy of how to live with the Troubles.  ;D
- Dwight.  Just...I'm just glad they added him to the show.
- Jordan.  Hmmmm.....I think I'm going to share my Jordan thoughts on Ep. 4.03.

Ep 4.03 - Bad Blood
- Okay, I do love the pun of the episode title - "bad blood! Bad, bad blood!  Down boy!"
- And, of course, the title is the same as one of the funniest X-files eps ever.  Did anyone say in Haven say, "Well...I was drugged..." during this ep?  ;D
- Poor Nathan.  Everybody's punching bag.  I do have thinky-thoughts about that, which I know are because (1) I'm not living in that universe (obviously), and (2) Nathan's my favourite (really; I adore him, all of his mistakes and bad judgment calls and all)(although my favourite meter is pretty much even among the OT3).  Where was I?  Oh, yes - my thinky-thoughts about Nathan being so hated.

I get it.  I really do.  And I have to remind myself that the characters are coming from an emotional place as opposed to my detached-observer place, but...seriously?  They've been settling for the short-term solution for centuries...Nathan may have acted rashly, and YES, he did what he did for selfish reasons, but on the other hand, you can't tell me that convincing Audrey to sacrifice herself for the town ISN'T JUST AS BLOODY SELFISH (and yes, Jordan, I'm looking straight at you). This is exactly the same as chaining the virgin to a rock to appease the dragon rather than trying to get rid of the dragon.

- Okay, since I just ranted at the attitude, and picked on Jordan...I have a confession to make.  In 4.02, I wanted to Gibbs!smack her because, let's face it, her last diatribe at Nathan was all woman-scorned and jealousy.  ("It's all about her."  Well, yes, Jordan, just like it's all about 'her' for you, too.)  That said, in 4.03, I actually...felt sympathy for her.  I KNOW!!  i'm as shocked as anybody!  But her last conversation with Nathan moved me.  And she didn't even irritate me at all during the ep.  I still don't agree with her, but I at least have some compassion for her.

- Speaking of compassion:  Vince.  Dave.  OMG.  I've spoiled myself, so I kinda wonder if I would have been sobbing like a baby if I hadn't already known Audrey/Lexie was alive and well?  As it was, they both broke my heart, and I appreciated the fact that, in spite of their conflicts and disagreements, Dave was willing to go in alone, to spare Vince the pain.  Families are complicated.

- Why are the Troubled so deeply ashamed of their Troubles?  Some of them, yeah.  But do you know how awesome it would be if you really could figure out how to control the weather?  Miriam would make a fortune on outdoor weddings alone!!  ;D

-  Oh, Duke.

- I know there was more, but I can't remember it now, so I'll stop here.  :D

Haven's Back (and there's gonna be some Troubles)

ooooh-ooooh-waaahhh, Haven's back!!  \o/  We finally got the new season starting here in Canada, and just watched ep. 401 (thanks Showcase). I'm spoiled all over the place because I have no self control, so I'll try to keep my thoughts short and sweet (and completely focused on this ep), although in no particular order:
[Ep 401 Fallout]
-- Oh, Nathan. *huggles*

-- On the other hand, really glad he shaved; really didn't like him with a beard. And he sorta shaved. I'm not married, and my brothers do not grow facial hair well, you really only shave down to a stubble after a full beard?? I mean, I love scruff, but I just figured you'd shave all of that off when you're getting rid of a beard. IDK.

-- Oh, Duke. You're priceless!! "First, I need a paper clip. Second...I need my pants." Ah-hahahaha!!

-- Can Nathan/Duke be any more precious?? The looks on their faces - the loooookkkkssss!!! I'm not much for slash or OT3, but this show - damn this show!! :D

-- And how different were the two hugs for Duke? The one with Nathan vs the one with Wade. Okay, yeah, there's a lot of weird recent history with Nathan, but even with the Troubles, and Haven, and all that means, you'd think he'd look a little more happy to see Wade - and also a little less awkward when greeting each other. (Or not. Families are complicated.)

-- Lexie. Er, Audrey. Hmmmm...I'm not going to say much of anything, because I'm spoiled, points would be based on what I know is coming - LOL.

-- Jordan. I didn't like Jordan last season, and I really don't like her now. Seriously, I just want to put on a glove and smack her, and tell her to grow the fuck UP. Either that, or I need to rewatch season 3 to find out if there was more backstory about her. I mean, I'm sorry, but there's gotta be something seriously wrong with her self-esteem for her Trouble to be such a mindfuck for her, because as Nathan said back in season 2: touch isn't everything. And the other Troubled person killed people with his sweat! That said, I do enjoy the actress' performance - I just have no sympathy/empathy for the character. :(

-- The magnificent bastards! Glad to see you back, even if your cuddly facade is being stripped away. AND THEY KILLED THE VAN!!! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

-- I like the revisiting of an old Trouble. I hope they do more of that. :)

-- Jennifer. As opposed to Jordan, I adore Jennifer. Maybe because she's such a youngster, and quirky and - you know - cute as a button. I like her chemistry with Duke, and I really liked how Duke protected her during the standoff with the Guard, and I really liked how he protected her during the almost-tornado. The hand around the head, and the fireman carry to safety - LOL - oh, Duke, how you've changed!!! Or rather, how you've finally stopped hiding your soft heart, you moron. :D

-- Sasquatch. Heee!! Glad to see the continuity there. :D Dwight: still firmly on Nathan's side...

Okay. I think that's probably (more) than enough! LOL Any other Canadians see the show tonight??

TV Meme (or how do you spell P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N? ;D )

stolen from maiel_alcinoe, who snatched it from shanachie_quill, who snagged it from wings128....
- Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've seen 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk; if you have at least one full season on tape, DVD, or blu ray.
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

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Lots of shows I've never seen; many I've never heard of!  Not sure if that means I live a sheltered life or not...  :D

Yes, Virginia, I have Internet AND Cable!!

Okay, I got them on Friday, but I've been enjoying having my own stuff again - LOL. Not that I was away from everything that long, but with all the glitches with this move, I was beginning to think I'd never get it finished. :D

BUT, basically, DONE. Moved, and getting settled. Still have about half my stuff to unpack, but I don't have to push it as hard anymore now the cable guy has been and gone. Which my body appreciates - especially my back, which I wrenched the day before the movers (finally) delivered my stuff. It's much better now, just an occasional twinge, but the first few days...UGH!!!!

Anyway, had my first blood sacrifice here, too: the dryer bit me last night and took a small chunk of skin from the base of my thumb nail (the cuticle). Hurt. Like. HELL. Anybody who expects me to withstand torture for them is going to be SOL, because I'm gonna sing like a canary when they threaten the fingers!! Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW!!!

Other than that...just getting geared up for NaNo; thinking about organizing several more book review tours for A Life Less Ordinary; I've been horribly negligent with working on my latest book, so I have to focus on that again...what else??? Oh yeah - I have to look for work, too. ;D

Bottom line: glad to be moved, and looking forward to getting back into a routine!
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Four in the morning...

...still no call. What am I to think, do I matter at all?

Okay, nothing bad's going on. The cat (the 20 pounder) was working hard to wake me up (which he finally managed to do by having a hairball). Apparently the real reason was because he was too scared to go downstairs to the potty by himself in our new digs.

Did I mention he's 20 POUNDS????

Anyway, now I'm sitting here with an old Honeymoon Suite song in my head and grateful (again) that I don't have a job to get to in the morning - LOL.